Islamic Mosque to be built on 9/11 ashes

Throughout history Islam has created holy sites at the locations of their military victories.  You can’t take two steps in the Middle East without tripping over a Holy site.  So it only stands to reason that ground zero where the World Trade Center once stood is no exception.  Tentative construction of the 13 story, $100 Million dollar facility is set to begin on September 11th 2011.  Yes, the 10th anneversary of the death of nearly 3000 Americans.  The site was once a 5 story Burlington Coat Factory, but it was damaged as the landing gear of a 747 landed on it’s roof.  But there is good news ladies and gentlemen, with our economy in dismal shape, and New York quickly running out of TARP funds to pay their state employees, the new Mosque will attract fundimentalist tourism from all over the world.  Think of the money to be made by street vendors outside of the Mosque selling half scorched t-shirts that read, “I went to New York, and all I blew up was this crummy t-shirt.” Seriously, is it too much to ask for a little sensitivity from the group of people who run to the ACLU on the drop of a hat.  Come on Muslims, you guys kill people for drawing cartoons and you honestly expect to build a Mosque on the site of 9/11?  How about a little give and take?  Let’s just say we let you build your Mosque and dance on our dead, what do we get in return?  I say that is worth at least an entire season of “Southpark starring Mohamud” without a single death threat.  Or how about a free pass to invade any mosque the fundimentalist fire at our troops from whithout screaming bloody murder about crusaders.  Look I was never a crusader.  My great great great great great great great grandpa wasn’t either.  It was like 800 years ago. I can’t even count how many greats that would be.  Not all Muslims are terrorists, but at least one moderate Muslim could say, “Hey look guys not here.”


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One Response to Islamic Mosque to be built on 9/11 ashes

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Interesting, I do agree that a Mosque is not appropriate near that site and that t-shirt idea actually sound plausible. I hesitate to point out the obvious, but Muslims even fundamentalists and terrorists are not the same. Sensitivity for the victims and families of 9/11 is definitely needed and I do think if the shoe was on the other foot that ACLU would be up in arms. I cannot comment on the reason for this Mosque, you could very well be right that it is to celebrate a victory over the infidels. But in pretty much every religion there are those who go to extremes… one of the critieria for some mental illnesses in the DSM-IV is extreme religious views. It is a fine line to walk when you begin grouping all Muslims into the terrorist/extremist group. One of my best friends that I have ever had was a Muslim. She suffered the stigma of being an Arab and Muslim after 9/11 and she was born here in the US. She was certainly not a terrorist nor supported their agenda.

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