Anthropomorphic Global Warming

Okay, this is a huge, complex issue, but I’m going to attempt to address this as an exercise of logic.  I was standing in line at Wal-mart the other day.  I was watching the little video screen that they are putting up everywhere in order that they can properly bombard our society with more commercials.  Can I at least have a little quiet while pumping my gas?  (I digress.  Perhaps I can address this another day) Where was I?  Oh yes, Wal-mart…  So on the little video screen was the weather report.  It said it would be sunny with a high somewhere between 70-90 degrees.  I thought, “Seriously?! I can predict the weather with a 20 degree variance!”  Are these the same guys that insist that our planet has a temperature, and we are the virus causing it.  As a sidebar a good way to recognize a liberal policy is to look and see if it says that there is something horribly wrong, and you are at fault.  Liberal policies tend to be filled with self loathing.  Global warming We horrible humans are killing the planet.  We horrible Americans are 4% of the Earths population using 26% of its natural resources.  Terrorism- We horrible Americans have had intrusive foreign policies for years so terrorists are justified for their anger and actions towards us.  Racism- We horrible white people have always had the power so Affirmative action (reverse racism) is justified. 

For the sake of argument let’s just say that the Earth is indeed warming.  This judgement can not be made by looking at global temperatures for 150 years.  The Earth’s temperature has been constantly changing for 4.6 billion years.  Never once in the history of the Earth has the climate been stable.  The Earth has had warmer and cooler periods over and over again.  We are actually in the middle of a rare temperate period.  The climate runs on several cycles.  One of these cycles is the solar cycle.  There is something intuitive in linking temperature with the big FIREBALL in the sky.  We are currently in a solar maximum period.  Hotter sun= hotter Earth?  Not according to climatologists.  Nevermind that NASA satellites have recorded planetary warming trends on Venus, Mars, and Saturn.  To the best of my knowledge we do not have any SUV’s on any of those planets.  Well to be fair we do have the electric rover on Mars, but it is not emitting CO2.  This is a hole in the AGW argument as big as the hole in the ozone layer I heard about as a kid.  You guys remember that?  The hole was supposed to increase the amount of solar radiation in the environment ensuring no child could play outside without their SPF 1,000,000 sunblock.  What ever happened to that? 

Now lets talk about scientific method.  Computer modeling is great if you can calculate ALL of the variables.  The more variables you enter the more accurate your computer modeling.  We have awesome computer capable of performing billions of operations per second.  This being said, a computer model is only as good as the human imputing the variables.  With global climate systems there are millions if not billions of variables.  Our human understanding of the climate can not even conceive of all the variables.  If you put in all of the climate data from the 1930’s, the current computer  models CANNOT reproduce our current climate.  There are too many butterflies flapping their wings in China.  Data can be manipulated. Now the big question of why.  There are the 2 standard reasons of why anyone does anything in business and government.  Money and power.  Now you might think that science is pure and noble thus immune to these forces.  Perhaps once, but those days are long gone.  Researchers are required to get results.  Money is required for research, and the one way to ensure you get money is by proving someones agenda.  If the scientist produces results that don’t fit with the moneymans agenda, the scientist will be out looking for a new source of funding.  The oil companies were pretty good at this for a time.  How do you think they got the nickname “Big Oil”?  But now, “Big Green” is where the money and power is.  The Cap and Trade tax that has been kicked around would be a huge benefit to General Electric who has invested heavily in Carbon Emissions trading.  The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCE) who was recently purchased by Intercontinental exchange (ICE) is backed heavily by GE.  They stand to make Billions from this. This would be the same GE that owns NBC home of “green week”.  Notice how their agenda is prevalent in all of their programming.  They do have some great entertaining shows, but the subtle message is always there.  Not to sound conspiratorial (who me?) but our current President sat on the board of the CCE for 5 years….  That leads to the second motivation Power.  The influence peddlers love AGW.  It is so complicated that when you use science to disprove it, it generally goes over the public’s head.  When you delve to deep into it people tend to tune out.  It also has the advantage of GLOBAL CATASTROPHE that needs ACTION NOW or we will all DIE!  Perfect to use to create legislation to increase government control, and legislation.  Difficult to dispute, and dire consequences without immediate action.  If you say to Al Gore, “Hey Al are you sure we are to blame for this?  I mean one volcanic eruptions spews out more CO2 than an entire year of automobiles, and there is that hot fireball in the sky…”  The immediate response it that you are too simple to understand complex issues of the climate, and if you had spent as much time studying it like he has you would know that…  Then he just trails off repeating the same discredited hocky stick graph and other statistics until your eyes glaze over and you nod your head and say “Golly Mr. Gore, I guess you do know better than I do…”


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2 Responses to Anthropomorphic Global Warming

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Conspiratorial?…no not you. I love the super-sarcastic overtones in this one. I have unreasonable hope that people are much more skeptical again and the whole ‘green’ thing was only hot for like a minute. You have some really good points that people have not heard and probably will continue not to hear regarding Global Warming. The problem is as you say what policies (profit?) will be made in the name of being “green.” I am also getting dang tired of hearing/feeling like a worthless human being that needs to give the planet back to the animals.

    Regarding the hole in the ozone, you know that people stopped using aerosols and the CFCs stopped expanding the hole. It is still there, but is getting smaller and now they say the smaller it gets the more likely it is increasing Global Warming…can’t win. Also the ozone over the north pole is getting thinner for unknown weather reasons. Let’s just say we still know very little about our planet and like you have said the complexities of it often cannot be nailed down to one conspiracy. 🙂

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