Conversations with idiots

The following is a discussion board thread describing who the TEA Partiers are according to a Liberal discussion board.  Sure no big surprise vile hate spewing from one extreme side.  But I so thouroghly enjoyed my response to them that I thought I would share.


– militia men
– racists
– xenophobes
– birthers
– klan members
– Confederate reenacters
– middle school dropouts
– rednecks
– draft dodging war mongers
– seniors on ‘social’ security who hate ‘social’ism
– lovers of unfettered capitalism on food stamps
– closeted homophobes
– morons
– Sean Hanninazis
– gun clutchers
– white seperatists
– paranoid homeschoolers
– Limbaugh dittoheads
– minute men
– tongues chanting snake handlers
– bible bangers who like to watch lesbian bondage
– flat earthers
– ruby ridge secessionists
– greedy pricks
– Sarah’s theocratic Paliban
– bored retirees who long for the days of white only water fountains
– global warming deniers
– survivalists
– faux news $h!t kickers
– neofascists
– Ayn Randians born on 3rd base who think they hit a triple
– creationists
– wingnut yokels
– reactionaries
– neocon chickenhawks
– GlennBeck bots
– John Birchers
– red baiters
– and illiterate goobers who think Jesus rode on the back of a triceratops

IDIOT LIBERAL #2 Dont forget about…
-the born again
-Jesus is a warlord
-klonopin popping
-Machiavellian Fraudsters!

  • David Lenartowicz Liberals are so open minded and accepting. I can feel the love. You guys are the exact opposite of those close minded hateful conservatives. I really respect how you are so accepting of other viewpoints, and so willing to just accept people for who they are. That is what I hate about conservatives. They are always name calling, hypocritical, intolerant, and self rightious. Not like you guys…
  • Okay I admit I was oozing with sarcasm, but this is how we conservatives are portrayed by the media.  Having Hollywood and every network in your pocket really does do a lot for how the public percieves you and your enemies.  The left is winning the propaganda war.  The sad part is the battles being waged in the propaganda war take away from the real issues.  If you read all 2000 pages of the Health care bill, you quickly realize that it is not the bill the media portrays it to be.  The propaganda is saying that it will be deficite nuetral (office of budget and management disagrees) and that it will lower costs for everyone. (Same office of budget and management disagrees on this one too)  The general public has neither the time nor the inclination to read this bill and wade through the legalize to understand it.  The writers of this bill say that lenders take advantage of consumers by having small print in contracts.  This law is a 2000 page contract with the citizens of the US.  We are getting taken for a ride by some mighty fine print.
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    One Response to Conversations with idiots

    1. Sweetiebv says:

      Ayn Randians born on 3rd base who think they hit a triple- Hilarious! All of those above crack me up!

      It is amazing that people can spew so much negativity and sterotypical language and be liberal which according to Webster is “: a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties; specifically : such a philosophy that considers government as a crucial instrument for amelioration of social inequities (as those involving race, gender, or class).”

      Gotta love them 🙂

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