Summary of the week

GG-  Interestingly disturbing week in politics and entertainment.  First I am highly disturbed by the Presidents handling of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  This President is very concerned with his image and choreography yet he left out a small detail in his press conference.  There was no American flag.  To my knowledge, the first presidential press conference without one.  He has teams of people who are concerned with every detail of his image and he left this out?  It could hardly be an accident.  Especially after that excuse was already accepted for not wearing the flag lapel pin, and not putting his hand over his heart for the Star-spangled banner or the Pledge.  Call me immature but the President of the United States of America should be our “Cheer leader in Chief”.  He apologizes for us, and puts us down everywhere he goes.  Is it too much to ask that the guy way pay to run the country actually tries to act like he likes the country?  Nationalism is OK.  It is healthy.  Let’s bring Americans together so we feel like we are all on the same team.  That is leadership.  It appears to me, and this is just my opinion, that the President is striving to create class warfare, and class envy.  All of his speeches talk about the evil rich taking advantage of the poor.  He speaks of Evil Oil companies, banks, wall street, CEO’s, fat cats, lending companies, etc.  Here is the thing, we are ALL in this mess together.  Yes there were some bad people in those industries, but for the most part they all realize that the poor need the rich, and the rich need the poor.  The socialist movement throughout history has always prayed on the poor by throwing the most productive under the bus.  There are always and always will be more poor people than rich people.  If the political elite can convince the poor that they are on their side, and the evil rich are the reason for their woes, the politicians will be able to seize more power.  Here is the kicker.  There comes a point when the Socialists realize that they have enough power to sustain themselves and no longer need to pander to the poor.  That is when the poor become a nuisance by asking for what the politicians promised them to get there.  Be careful friends.  Socialists historically make deadly bedfellows.  Now back to the BP oil spill.  This is going to be a huge disaster.  (I seem to recall several leaders in this administration saying something about using a crisis to achieve your political ends. Rahm Emanuel, Obama, Clinton, Pelosi)  Now while the back channels blame Bush for the oil spill (I kid you not Pelosi was on the radio saying that it was Bushes fault, and that “No one finds any fault with the current administration”)  Obama is claiming full responsibility for the oil spill. (Thanks for the article sweetiebv)  His tone was that now that he is taking responsibility he will never let this happen again.  Well thank you superman, but accidents do happen.  It  sounds to me like a prelude to nationalization.  Hey his buddy Hugo Chavez did it.  The democrats are drooling over themselves to give praise to Chavez why not emulate him?  The one policy Obama had done, or said he was going to do anyway, was to increase offshore drilling.  About a month before this mess he said it was time to step up our drilling in our coastal waters.  This really pissed off the far left, and I had to give him credit for working in the right direction.  Then, surprisingly the BP “accident” happened, and now he has suspended off shore drilling completely.  These are the guys who said use a crisis to achieve your political ends.  Are they above creating the crisis?  I am not saying that he did, but it fits the Van Jones quote “I am willing to drop the radical pose to achieve the radical ends.”  It is worth seriously thinking about anyway.  This leads me to the Presidents sudden out of nowhere change of heart on the border.  Now he is sending 1200 troops to secure the border.  A step in the right directions, but excuse me if I seem a bit skeptical.  What will be the BP type thing that will turn this decision around, or did he send the troops to the border to ensure the migrants arrive here safely.  Troubling week to be sure.  We all have much to swallow, and much to think about.  You guys don’t even want to know what Spank has to say about all this…  He is frothing at the mouth and worked himself into quite a frenzy.



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3 Responses to Summary of the week

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    I like the conversational tone of this one. I agree very troubling, however I am very skeptical about whether not his end goal in the handling of this huge crisis is nationalizing oil companies. I definitely can see how some of what he and his administration have said about it can be a segue into nationalization. Would people swallow it? I don’t thinks so especially not Texans. I think if nationalization was his end goal he would have had the government take over the spill officially by now since people are so angry about it. I do believe he was very opportunistic in acheiving a temporary ban on off shore drilling and may continue to exploit this it as far as he can for his political agenda. But if the government takes over the spill…I may have to eat my words on this one. 😉

    • Sweetiebv says:

      Dang it…I just read the article about the dang oil spill czar. I guess we will see how it goes from here.

  2. The Crawfish says:

    “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” is one of their guidelines. Everything they do is based on politics and their agenda. The only question is which of his allies does BHO want the USA to be conquered by? The socialists/Marxists or the muslims.

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