Egypt sets the bar for humaine treatment of citizens…

Egypt to strip men married to Israelis of citizenship





Egypt to strip men married to Israelis of citizenship AFP/File – Egyptian couples arrive at Cairo stadium for a collective wedding organised by Karme el-Islam association, …

CAIRO (AFP) – A Cairo court on Saturday upheld a ruling to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women of their citizenship in a case that has highlighted national sentiment towards Israel.

Judge Mohammed al-Husseini, sitting on the Supreme Administrative Court, said the interior ministry must ask the cabinet to take the necessary steps to strip Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, of their citizenship.

The court said that each case should be considered separately, in a ruling that cannot be appealed.

The ruling reflects Egyptian sentiment towards Israel, more than 30 years after Egypt signed an unpopular peace deal with the Jewish state.

Before reading the verdict, Husseini said the case would not apply to Egyptian men married to Arab Israeli women.

“The case for (Egyptian) men married to Israeli Arab women is different to those married to Israeli women of Jewish origin because (Israeli Arabs) have lived under Israeli occupation,” Husseini told the court.

“The court’s decision is taking into account Egypt’s national security,” the judge said.

Lawyer Nabil al-Wahsh said he originally brought the case to court in order to prevent the creation of a generation “disloyal to Egypt and the Arab world.”

Children of such marriages “should not be allowed to perform their military service,” he said.

The number of Egyptian men married to Israeli women is thought to be around 30,000, according to Wahsh. Only 10 percent of them are married to Arab Israelis.

“This ruling is for the benefit of Egypt, a nation of leadership, history and civilisation,” Wahsh said. “It is for the protection of Egypt and Egypt’s youth and its national security.”

“The decision comes as Israel continues its assault on those who love peace. The latest example is the aggression against the aid boat which was heading towards the blockaded Gaza Strip,” he added.

On Monday, Israeli naval commandos raided a humanitarian flotilla carrying aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip, in a bungled operation that left nine pro-Palestinian activists dead and scores injured.

A lower court ruled last year that the interior minister must look into the cases of Egyptian men married to Israeli women, and their children, in order to “take the necessary steps to strip them of their nationality.”

The interior and foreign ministries had appealed the case, saying it was for parliament to decide on such matters.

Thousands of Egyptians, particularly a large number who lived in Iraq and returned after the 1990 Gulf War over Kuwait, moved to Israel in search of work and married Israeli women.

In 1979, Egypt became the first Arab country to sign a peace deal with Israel.

Spank, TMB- What a great idea!  We should do that too.  You know in the name of security and all.  We could revoke the citizenship of Americans married to Islamic fundamentalists.  Of course this is America so they could still stay here, vote, collect welfare, get free healthcare etc.  The best part is that no one would criticize us for it.  I mean look Egypt does it without a word of condemnation from anyone.  Ok all sarcasm aside we are getting international criticism for wanting to send people who are here illegally home.  Yet these guys are going to revoke the citizenship of their own people.  Here is the kicker guys.  Egypt isn’t all cozy to illegals like we are here in America.  These people better get out of Dodge or get a divorce.  Egyptian jails are lets just say… not so nice…  But we got all distracted let’s get back to American human rights abuses…   ECK….  ECK….. ECK….  Think I just had an aneurism….


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2 Responses to Egypt sets the bar for humaine treatment of citizens…

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Spank…chill or you will give yourself an aneurism. Isreal is certainly getting a bad rap. I get that you are saying that Egypt is essentially being bigots of the worst kind and it is bad news for Isreal that they are taking this stance when they have previously made strides for peace with Isreal. I understand the comparison as well. US coddles our immigrants with huge backlashes when laws are actually enforced while Eygpt tells its own people to get a divorce or we will make you illegal for being of a certain nationality or married to one. (Don’t forget US history however, we have done some pretty bad stuff to different groups depending on the time.)

    Brace yourself, Spank…I don’t want you to go into a seizure with the rest of my reply. I don’t think you really can compare the US…(which is becoming the very definition of spoiled and decadent under our socialist policies) to Eygpt (a third world country with a very questionable democractic republic that gives their president way too much power) when it comes to any sort of government law or its actions. The US standard is very different for what we will tolerate (even to the point of idoicy) to the Eyptians who don’t really have “freedom” due to the emergency powers that having been in place since the 60’s. Not a great comparison either to the condemnation that Isreal is getting for inhumane treatment via actual deaths occuring to Eygpt forcing divorces or making illegals out of its own citizens….:)

    • I don’t forget the history. Under the Progressive FDR and Woodrow Wilson we had interment camps for Japanese and German Citizens. One innocent German citizen was lynched by angry mobs who were set free. The judges said the mobs were prudent given the times. America has forgotten the attocities of the Progressives in the past so here we are again. Who will get locked up this time. The human rights comparisons between Egypt and the US are important to consider for this reason. We have joined an international body (UN) composed of despots and dictators. When they want to stir trouble they point at us and cry while hiding what they are doing at home. The President of Iran (whose name I will not attempt to spell right now) traveled to the US and spoke of our treatment of homosexuals. (Nevermind the fact that they are stoned in his country) I appreciate your inciteful comments and see no need for them to cause an internal hemorage… Spank out

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