Please tell me I’m crazy so I can sleep at night.

Ok, you remember the old adage if it looks like a duck? Well there is something that has been quacking in my ear. The whole oil spill thing has smelled fishy from the get go, but as time goes on it just looks worse and worse. Initially my paranoid brain went to Cap and Trade. I thought for sure that this was a manufactured event purely for that reason. An emergency was needed to pass another big socialist tax scheme. But now other things are coming to light that have the appearance of Chicago style gangster shakedown. George Soros is the financier of all things uber-liberal. Mediamatters, and are his children. He credits himself with buying Obama into office. Now it turns out that he has been investing in Petrobras a Brazilian state owned deep drilling oil company. If Obama does manage to get his moritorium on oil drilling in the gulf, where do the oil rigs go? You guessed it Brazil. The newly discovered Tupi field lies 2000 meters underwater and stands to make billions of dollars for Soros. Here is the part that really gets my ears ringing, last year the Obama administration “loaned” Brazil and the Petrobras company 2 billion dollars for deep well drilling. Hmmm… The same players in this game. Soros gets Obama elected, Obama gets Petrobras 2 billion dollar loan, Soros invests in Petrobras, BP oil rig blows, Obama pushes for unnessesary moritorium on gulf drilling that pushes deep water drilling platforms to Brazil, Soros profits, and Obama has the emergency nessesary to push cap and trade. (Which by the way creates a 10 trillion dollar a year trading scheme that Soros is up to his ears in) Quack? Ladies and gentlemen you may want to write this off as a paranoid conspracy, but TRILLIONS of dollars are at stake. The potential reward for this kind of heist make it worth possible exposure. Especially if you control most of the media, and can limit exposure.


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4 Responses to Please tell me I’m crazy so I can sleep at night.

  1. Throw in net neutrality as a method to control the message and it forms one large nasty picture. This is organized, choreographed theft. Global theft. It is like Oceans one Trillion…

  2. leisureal says:

    I hate to tell you, but I am also crazy because I was saying the same thing about this smelling fishy-even before Beck reported on the “loan” for another country and our “need” to support poor George Soros!!
    If you read the book “THE MANCHURIAN PRESIDENT” you can see where most of the things happening are designed by the communist party leaders-who have infiltrated congress-mainly Democratic party. Axlerod and Jarret are identified as members of the communist party, and Obamas ties to Palestine, Muslims, Radicals, as well as his ongoing relationship with Ayers, Acorn, and Rev. Wright-to name a few- are also identified. What is happening today is well laid out in the book and documented as to naming names, dates, places, and events.
    Also, there is an unverified report naming names of a number of represntatives in House and Senate who are supposedly members of communist party.
    Please read the book and see what and who we are up against.


    Now they are standing in Jindal’s way as he tries to protect his state. Now they are stopping the building of sand burms off the coast of lousiana??? They stopped Lousianians form cleaning up oil because they did not have enough life jackets on the boats.

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