While I was away

After spending a much needed break rock climbing at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, I return to find much of the same. The administration as usual is far ahead of everyone else. President Obama and his administration have a gift of being able to play the field 2-3 moves ahead of everyone else. Many pundants look at the things that he does and are quite perplexed, but if you look at his actions through the lens of the longterm, and realize the goals of his agenda it all makes sense. Many shortsighted democrats this week are quite perturbed at Press Secretary Gibbs comments about the republicans chances at controlling both houses in November.
This is not an administration that makes mistakes in how it presents a message. The sole focus of this administration is controlling the message so you have to assume Gibb’s statement is calculated. The truth of the matter is that the administration WANTS the democrats to lose power in November. They have served their purpose. This shows that the administration is ready to begin a new phase in their plan. Obama has already passed Healthcare, extended unemployment, ensured tax increases for next year, and passed the financial reform bill. If the Democrats do lose the elections in November they will have nothing to lose.

Obama will use job offers to keep the major power players still active in the government, and will use the period from November to January to push every conceivable piece of Socialist legislation down our throats. Cap and Trade, the Fairness doctrine, Net nuetrality will be passed during this period and Kagan will get approved to secure a Socialist in the Supreme Court. Watch for it. Obama will use divisive techniques to further divide our country.

Many people think that a Republican controlled House and Senate will be able to reign in the Obama regime. Unfortunately I do not think that is the case. One reason is that it gives Obama a bad guy, someone to point the finger at. By demonizing the house and senate he can detract the nation’s attention from his own agenda. Secondly, we are forgetting about the 4th branch of government, the Bureaucracy, which Obama has been stacking in his favor for the last 18 months. Socialists, Communists, and radicals have been placed in key points. The administration had a plan going into office and probably assumed from the onset that they would be losing the mid-terms. Extreme leftists cannot run their agenda without a bad guy, or someone to blame for their failures. He will also be able to capitalize on Republican successes. Bill Clinton often gets the credit for balanced budgets in the late 90’s which were actually achieved by Newt Gingrich and the Republican led House and Senate.

Obama’s true goal is to destabilize, and discredit our system of government in order to replace it with a Socialist system. Bill Ayers and other “Weather Underground” radicals have been placed in key positions in our Government. The goal of the Weather underground in the 60’s was to start a race war. These were white people who’s stated goal was to destroy the “white system” on black peoples behalf. Now the Department of Justice is dropping the case against the New Black Panthers for voter intimidation. (Incase you hadn’t heard, the New Black Panthers showed up at voting areas in paramilitary garb brandishing billy-clubs saying the era of the cracker is over) The NAACP and the media are working overtime to try to convince the world that TEA partiers are spewing racism. The DOJ is sueing Arizona for trying to enforce federal law.

Have you noticed that the issue of race is appearing more and more as of late? If you want to enforce federal law, you are a racist, but if you go to polling stations saying the era of the cracker is over you are exercising free speech.

One final thought. Our constitution says we have the rights to life, liberty, and the persuit of happiness. The extreme left has added you have a right to health care, education, etc, etc… But here is the hard part of true freedom, each person also has the freedom to fail, the freedom to be wrong, and the freedom to be offensive. It is the ugly truth. The freedom we charish has a price. We have to have the strength to let others fail so they can learn from their mistakes. We have to have the strength to stand by our convictions when we hear someone say something offensive. We have to have the strength to let them say things we do not want to hear. If someone is a racist, he has the right to be wrong. We do not have collective salvation. My salvation is not tied to his. Jesus gave us all individual salvation, and our consitution gave us all individual freedoms. By condemning one persons freedom to be wrong we eliminate our freedom to be right.


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5 Responses to While I was away

  1. Susan Gaylord Buxton says:

    Unfortunately for our once great and Godly country, I agree with your assessment of the destructive situation in which We, those who love this country, find ourselves.
    I’ve had such a deep foreboding despite the sprinkling of “good” news and your words have given form to my deep anxieties as to our plight … they are “playing” US!

  2. Sweetiebv says:

    Wow! I am glad you are back. This one is going to have me thinking for a long time. I agree that it would be somewhat to Obama’s advantage to have someone besides the Democrats to blame…but I disagree the race thing is his intentional doing. Just the fact that he is bi-racial has begun to divide the country due to some strong beliefs on either side. It was inevitable for whoever the first non-white president was that race would become a huge issue.

    I feel like the end of this blog is one of those lessons that should be taught in school or a critical thinking class. The things we value have a price…or it is not worth having. I think it is important that we all are reminded of that every once in a while because it is really easy and convenient get into an entitlement mentality. LIFE IS NOT FAIR and no one can make it so especially not the government.

    • I have to disagree with you about the race thing not being his fault. Time and time again Obama has brought up race when it wasn’t warrented. His DOJ dropped the charges against the Black Panthers, not to mention the whole beer summit debacle, his reverand of 20 years Jeramiah Wright makes no bones about hating white people and America. There is a distinct feeling I get that this administration does not want equal justice but reparations for the sins of the past.

  3. Robin says:

    Whatever your POV why can’t this be presented in proper paragraphs instead of one huge nearly unreadable block of text.

    In the way it is presented I wonder if it is designed to make folks just give up reading it.

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