Soros-Engineering NWO

“Over the past 30 years, George Soros’s Open Society Foundations have given away over $7 billion around the world, including more than $1 billion in the United States, to strengthen communities and promote justice, education, human rights, and public health.”
-Quote from Open Society Foundation Website
Okay, Soros openly believes in one world government, and socialism. So, riddle me this? Why has 1/7th of the Open Society’s money in the past 30 years gone to the richist country in the world? The socialists are quite aware that an American at poverty level is richer than 85% of the world. They are also quite fond of the statistic that say that Americans are 4% of the worlds population, but consume 26% of the worlds natural resources. The only answer could be that deep in Soros’s heart does not lie a deep seated desire to help suffering people, (The money would be much better spent in any third world country) but his 1 billion dollars was wisely invested in social engineering the shing city on the hill. More than anything Soros has invested in the infrastructure to collapse and rebuild the United States. He has heavily invested in Media in order to control the message., Center for American Progress, Tides Foundation, and God only knows what else are fronts for his social engineering. Some have speculated that he is funding, Wikileaks, and pays people to spread disinformation on Wikipedea. Soros is a Jewish man who worked for the Nazi’s hunting his own people. He was single handedly responsible for nearly crashing the Bank of England in a deal that netted him more than one billion dollars in a day. Ruthless does not begin to describe him. As things begin to move more quickly we are entering into the dangerous part of Soros’s plan. As things get heated up he will be more and more exposed. Keep in mind that Soros is a BIG picture sort of guy. Don’t think for a second that is a coincidence that he stands to profit largely from the BP oil spill. He has also bragged that he bought Obama into office. He is fully aware of groupthink, and how to sway public opinion for profit or political gain. Interesting little tidbit. The Clintons were Soros US lapdogs for years, and suddenly he abandons Hillary to support Obama. Hillary was the one who first brought the question of Obama’s birth certificate to the public. Then suddenly Hillary becomes Obama’s happy, obedient Secretary of State? It smells fishy. Obama has said he would rather be a one term President who got his agenda through than a mediocre two term President. Huh? Sounds like they have it all mapped out for Hillary to be the moderate alternative to radical Obama in 2012. Just a few years ago I would ridicule and blow off anyone who even brought up the term New World Order, but now I see it happening so fast.

Spank, TMB


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