7/31/2010 Week in review

I was taking a nice walk outside today pondering what to cover in my next post when it hit me. There was a God awful smell. I looked around, and even checked my shoe to see if I had stepped in something. Then I realized what I was smelling was the winds of change. (and a little hope breeze) There is no shortage of material to write about, the problem is that I am but one man. There is too much to write about. It is overwhelming. The worst part is that you do not want to leave anything out. All of these changes are too important, and need to be brought to the light of day. I downloaded the Financial reform bill with the intent of studying it thouroughly, but the Obama administration is relentless. There is no time to look into just how dasterdly the 2000 page bill is before another piece of the agenda is released. This is important. Obama and the socialists have to keep going at a break neck pace. If they slow the public just might have time to fully digest what is going on. I want to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. I really do, but the way all of the pieces fit together with such exact precision, it can be no accident. I can only conclude that the current administration IS SYSTEMATICALLY DECONSTRUCTING AMERICA. It is purposefull, precise, and choreographed. Every single American institution is under this attack simultainiously. Soros has started funking groups of religious leaders to promote “Social Justice” and “Collective Salvation”. Both of which are strong doctrines of Liberation theology. Liberation theology was started by communists in South America as an alternative to the Catholic church. Meanwhile Bill Ayers is leading the front on deconstructing the education system. Schools all over America are playing a Tides Foundation video called “The Story of Stuff” It is a propoganda piece that touts the evils of American consumption while hinting at Socialist solutions. Our children are being targeted as the most suseptable to the ideals of the revolution. (google “it doesn’t take a weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing”) In the financial sector we are learning all kinds of disturbing things about the financial reform bill passed this week. The financial reform bill give the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) the power to dissolve any company that it deems as a threat to the economy. Further, we discoved after its passage that this same bill exempts the SEC from the Freedom of Information Act. So let’s just be clear about the staggaring posibilities here. The SEC can dissolve ANY company it deams as a financial threat AND it does NOT have to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests that may ask why said company is a threat! Hello? Litteraly the government can shut down a company, and when we ask why they can respond “We are not going to tell you so nanny nanny boo boo!” Okay I will admit that it is highly doubtfull that that is how they would respond, but legally they could. The SEC has the legal right to say Nanny nanny boo boo now. This is what Biden meant when he said the heavy lifting has been done. There are litterally thousands of little nuggets in the Financial reform bill and the Healthcare bill that are securing dangerous power in the executive branch. On the border front Homeland security (or lack there of) is writing internal memos looking for ways to grant amnesty to illegals by bypassing the House and Senate. Yes, they are looking at regulatory means of accomplishing their agenda. Ah yes, and on the mobility front government motors is releasing the Volt. The first electric car. Don’t worry about the heafty price tag. ($41,000) The federal government is backing it with a $7500 tax incentive! Yeah this baby is a balls to the wall pavement hungry machine! With a 3-4 hour charge you can drive 40 whole miles! Wait a tick…. 40 miles? That has to be a type o… What the hell are you getting for $41,000? Oh yeah, you get to be seen in an overpriced piece of crap status symbol kinda like the new iphone that does everything except make phone calls. Maybe they should just call it i… So the government is encouraging electric cars to ensure that no one can go more than 40 miles from home without waiting 3-4 hours for a charge… (To be fair it does have a gasoline backup system that will take you an additional 300 miles, but doesn’t that just make it another hybrid?) Yes ladies and gentlemen, it has been a very busy week for the Socialists. If they worked any harder they would be Capitalists! Ha amirite?!

Spank, TMB


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One Response to 7/31/2010 Week in review

  1. The Crawfish says:

    could you kick me a link to the stuff in the financial bill that gives the SEC the authority to dissolve companies and to be itself exempted from the FOIA? I need to kick that to a bunch of people and include it in my weekly column on Wednesday. Please send it to xxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.com or post it as a comment on my blogspot site. Thanx.

    By the way, there is a group on Facebook that you should consider. It is called “Band of Bloggers” and is a place for some of us conservatives to post links to our columns every time we post. http://www.facebook.com/#!/group.php?gid=125026217512987&ref=ts

    Keep up the fight, my Foat Wuth brother!

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