Outline for a successful TEA Party

The TEA Parties face an uphill battle, but I think there is a way to decrease the Governments role in our lives.  With the media trying their damnedest  to portray us as racist uneducated rednecks, we have to work harder, and be better.  Like Michael Caine said in the movie “The Weatherman”, “Son, have you ever noticed that the easy thing to do, and the right thing are never the same?”  Luckily the heavy lifting has been done.  There is an outline and strategy to follow.  Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” and Bill Ayers “You don’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind is blowing”.  The playbook the left has been using can work for us with one crucial change.  We will infuse Morals, Values, and Principals.  We have to follow Martin Luther King Jr.’s strategy of non-violence.  If we want a smaller Government we have to put in the work of showing the public that the private citizens can do it better.  I propose that we have peaceful protests that incorporate the service of private citizens.  TEA Party sponsored Canned food collections, or my favorite, “The blood of the Patriots” Blood drive/Protest.  We have to remind the public that when the Government provides welfare less than 15 cents on the dollar gets to the citizen in need.  Most private charities are organized in a way that between 70-95 cents on the dollar gets to those in need.  The areas that our Government are legitimately needed they are sorely lacking.  The two areas that I think are the Governments priority and responsibility are national defense and securing the border.  They just so happen to be the areas that are the least concern for the left.  They are more concerned with areas they can use to control your life.  Bill Ayers agenda outlines focusing on the education of children and the youth.  We should do the same.  TEA Parties should focus on how to attract the youth, and educate our children on the founding fathers and their principals.  Saul Alinsky taught that one way to bring down a system is to hold them accountable to their own rules.  Thanks Saul, I agree.  Let us hold the politicians feet to the fire.  NO forgiveness for tax fraud.  If the tax code is too complicated for your feeble minds as you like to claim, you either need to simplify it or step down and let someone lead who has a mind capable of grasping it.  We must work harder, and be better.  We must lead by example, and show how well the system can work without the government.



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