Is US Taxpayer money paying for Wikileaks?

Ok this Wikileaks thing has really gotten me curious.  The Wall Street Journal wrote an article that raised more questions than answers.

Apparently Mr. Assange (If that is indeed his real name) has been working quite hard at keeping his funding sources secret.  The extent to which he goes reeks of Soros, but I found the following quote the most disturbing.

“We’re registered as a library in Australia, we’re registered as a foundation in France, we’re registered as a newspaper in Sweden,” Mr. Assange said. WikiLeaks has two tax-exempt charitable organizations in the U.S., known as 501C3s, that “act as a front” for the website, he said. He declined to give their names, saying they could “lose some of their grant money because of political sensitivities.”

Ok he has a couple of charities in the US that act as a front for his website.  Mildly disturbing, but I won’t lose any sleep over it, but note the last sentence.  Who gives out grants?  The US Government gives out most of them.  This again falls into the Saul Alinsky method of using your enemies rules against them.  I have other questions as well.  Have you noticed that Obama has not really been damaged by any of these leaks?  You mean to tell me that out of thousands of secret files leaked Obama comes out of it smelling like a rose?  There are so many things here that do not pass the sniff test.



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