The road ahead

When it comes down to it you have to ask yourself some basic questions.  Does Obama even want a second term?  I don’t think so.  In fact he seems to be the driving force behind his dismal poll numbers.  While the public complained that he was taking too many vacations he just planned for more time off.  While the country questioned his professed faith, he again skipped church to take in 18 holes.  Interestingly, I have noticed a marked difference in the actions and attitude of the President after the passage of the Financial Reform Bill.  Joe Biden announced that “The heavy lifting is over” after its passage.  I believe that this is one of those times that the left is telling you exactly what they are doing.  In the heart of all of these massive bills that no one had time to read, lie the seeds of the agenda.  How do the Health care bill, Financial Reform, TARP and all of the Mega-bills fit together?  Are they in fact Trojan Horses?  I think the only way the left will pass Cap and Trade is to lose the house.  What Trojans will be inside it?  At the height of Obama’s popularity he was talking about being a one term President.  It didn’t seem to fit at the time, but now it makes sense.   He has accomplished his mission.  He has passed the most radical changes to the US government in history.  Now he is taking a dive.  All he has to do is be the bad guy, and make America hate him so Hillary can swoop in and save the day.  Obama has done a lot to advance the Progressive agenda.  I think he has done about all that America will tolerate.  November 2nd the Republicans will take control of the House.  Before January Cap and Trade will be shoved down our throats.  The Republicans won’t do much to reverse the Progressive agenda put in place.  In 2012 America will be disillusioned by the Republicans inability to repeal the Healthcare bill, Financial Reform bill, and Cap and Trade.  Hillary Clinton will ride in on a white steed and offer America a “Centerist” alternative.  She will say Obama went to far, and the Republicans were just as useless.  This is their plan, and we are falling for it.  We are buying into their marketing campaign.  Hillary will then continue the slow and steady march toward Socialism.  The greatest sign of hope I see comes from the disillusionment of the extreme left.  They have been wanting a rapid revolution, and see now as their opportunity.  If Obama can hold his coalition together we are in serious trouble as a nation.  Granted this post may sound a little doom and gloomy, but it is often darkest just before the light.  If we are aware of the marketing campaign we can identify it, throw some light on it, and expose it for what it is.  The Progressive agenda does not stand a chance in the light of day.  It has to stick to the shadows until it is willing to strike on its unsuspecting victims.  We know it is out there, and we hold the light.  Let’s expose it, and kill it before it kills us.



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7 Responses to The road ahead

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    GG, you are a great at foreseeing outcomes, but do you really believe it will “kill us”? I admire the rational behind all that you are saying, however, my big problem is this is too conspiratorial. There is a lot of supposing on motives and what Republicans will be able to do. Even if we (Tea Party, conservatives, and Republicans) did “know” this was what Obama is doing, how do you suppose we could stop it? I can’t for the life of me think of a way besides voting. Evidence is really the only way to expose plots like this and to make people listen.

  2. mode20100 says:

    A+ would read again

  3. Obama is a dangerous man, but a puppet none the less. Hillary is much more intelligent then Obama and a much better speaker but she is as much or even more of a Socialist/Marxist/Communist than Obama. As too the Republicans, once they get the house back not being or willing to do anything to reverse the Progressive agenda I agree. The Republicans like the Democrats are willing puppets to their Masters who places them in office to do their will.

    We are led to believe by career politicians every election cycle that once they get re-elected that they will some how now work for us or repeal and do away with bad policies but you know this isn’t going to happen. Just more cheap talking points to the masses. Our country so-called leaders have sold us out for the last 21 years. Each of the last three presidents has been a continuation of the one that came before. Think about this the last two republican president have worked us from the right Clinton used the “Third Way” of politics and Obama now from the Socialist angle. Yet look how George H.W. Bush would pal around with Clinton all around the world doing the “Global Initiative” thing and how now G.W. since his daddy can no longer get around so well due to his age is now the one going around with Bill. Check out G.W Facebook page and see the link to Bill Clinton and his Global Initiative.

    Since the 2000 elections things started to deteriorate at a much faster speed. We got hit on 9/11 then came the two wars, Patriot Acts, and a whole bunch of other goodies that have taken away our rights and has made us to have to live like what would seem normal under a dictatorship or Socialist/Marxist/ Communist government. We are being played from both sides and in the end it all leads to a One World Government they win and we Americans all loose!

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