The inhumanity of the left

The left seems to think that they own humanitarian issues.  This like most liberal ideals does not stand up to reality.  If you look at any liberal stance on its face it does appear humane, but upon implementation it falls flat.  It sounds humane to have open borders and allow illegal immigrants to come to America to better themselves, but what is the consequence?  By not enforcing immigration laws we are creating slave conditions for the immigrants we profess to want to help.  Without a legal status, they are 2nd class citizens who work for less than minimum wage.  They are afraid to call the police and are exposed to higher incidences of crime.  By not enforcing immigration laws we are in effect holding them down.  The same goes for other issues.  Abortion for example sounds humane to give a woman choice in reproduction.  The reality is that between abstinence and various birth control women do have a choice in reproduction.  Many women have been emotionally scarred by abortions.  It has also contributed to societies lack of value of life.  People act irresponsibly knowing that a life can be thrown away.  They dehumanize babies by calling them fertilized eggs, or embryo’s.  If abortion doctors asked the patient, “Would you like to cut out your baby?” it would accurately describe the situation.  However we sterilize  the verbage so people do not have to face the reality of their actions.  Is there a case for some abortions?  I’m sure there is, but it is beyond the Government’s scope to fund it.  For the record I am pro-choice.  I think abortion is wrong and immoral, but I cannot stop a person from immoral behavior.  I do think it is wrong for taxpayer money to fund it.  You are in essence forcing some to pay for an act that violates their religious principles.  Welfare ends up much like illegal immigration.  It sounds good to help people in hard times, but in reality welfare has worked to hold down the very people it seeks to help.  If it is easier to stay on welfare than to be a productive member of society many would choose to stay on welfare.  It has created a generation who does not know how to work.  They have watched their parents remain on the Government dole.  This was the example given to them on how to survive.  It has created an entitlement mentality.  Liberalism seeks to satisfy emotions not needs.  For example, schools are not supporting competitive sports.  Everyone gets a trophy.  We are so concerned about their self-esteem we are not teaching them how to succeed.  How will failure in life effect their self-esteem?  The left on every issue concentrates on what feels good right now at the expense of the future.  In the end, left or right, we all want the same thing.  We want happy healthy families who live in a peaceful economically stable world.  We just disagree on how to achieve those ends.



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3 Responses to The inhumanity of the left

  1. Sandy Pettis says:

    written quite well, and has much truth.

  2. Sweetiebv says:

    Great blog! Just like the hardworking ant and the grasshopper who played the entire summer. How else would anyone learn anything without real world consquences? How else do you value anything without sacrifice and hardwork?

    Your quote from Obama in one of your previous blogs regarding abortion fits in with this. If his daughters make a mistake then they shouldn’t have to be punished with a baby? There are so many things wrong with that statement…a baby as punishment? Mistakes without real life consquences? However, like you pointed out Obama is not taking into account the psychological consquences of abortion. I am so afraid of what the youth in this country are going to turn out to be (or should I say not to be) when they are not taught BASIC life skills.

  3. Vigilant says:

    Well put. I would only add that the motives of leftist politicians are even more sinister than you describe.

    It is their intention to increase and perpetuate dependency upon the government, to guarantee their survival. Their considerations are purely political, to the detriment of national security and individual freedoms.

    “In the end, left or right, we all want the same thing. We want happy healthy families who live in a peaceful economically stable world. We just disagree on how to achieve those ends.”

    Yes, I believe your garden variety liberal has the finest of intentions, but the motives of the politicians (left or right) are always suspect.

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