Defeat Political Correctness with FACTS

In previous posts I have talked of the TEA Parties need to adhere to the principles of MLK, Gandhi, and Jesus.  Our goals can only be achieved through peaceful means, and leading by example.  However, today I am going to talk about the flip side.  Our society had been crippled by political correctness.  It is the method the left uses to silence others who disagree with them.  MLK, Gandhi, and Jesus led peaceful protests, but they did it while exposing the ugly truths of society.  We can not be stymied by PC BS.  The truth must be told.  Right now PC BS is in full effect with the ground zero mosque.  Many Americans now suffer from Islamaphobiaphobia.  (The fear of being called an Islamaphobe)  So let’s put some facts out there about the “Religion of Peace”.  Feel free to research these yourself and verify.

1.  The Koran encourages Muslims to lie to and deceive non-muslims if it advances the cause of Islam.  The practice is called Taqiyya.

2.  There are many violent passages in the Koran that call for the killing of non-muslims.  There are far more peaceful texts in the Koran that contradict the calls for violence, but the prophet of the Koran wrote specifically that if two passages of the Koran contradict each other the latter writing supercede the prior.  All of the violent texts come at the end of the Koran.

3.  The Koran has been used worldwide to justify pedophilia.  The prophet of the Koran married a girl when she was six years old.  He did wait until she was nine to consummate the marriage.  Around the world this has been used to encourage grown men to marry children.

4.  Throughout history Islam has built mosques to mark their battle victories.  Holy sites of other religions have been destroyed systematically and were transformed to Islamic holy ground.  In Afghanistan ancient statues of Buddha have been destroyed.  The dome of the rock was built on Jewish holy ground.  The Cordova mosque was built on the site of an ancient church to show its supremecy to Christianity.  The ground zero mosque is being built by a group calling itself “The Cordova initiative.”

5.  The prophet of the Koran himself admits that some texts were inspired by Satan.  He was fooled by the devil.  Of course mentioning this usually will get you death threats.

6.  The islamic stories of the 13th Iman bear a striking resemblance to the anti-christ of the bible.  Islams 13th Imam is supposed to rise and rule for 7 years.  He will come and bathe the world in the blood of the infidels etc.

Now the PC crowd will call facts Islamophobia, as an attempt to stop discussion about the issues.  But we have to address facts boldly and inform the public.  Political correctness is the method used to hide their intentions.  The only thing that can stop the agenda’s of the left or Islam, is the shining light of truth. 

The ground zero mosque is just one example of  how PC BS is in use.  It is a common tactic that should be confronted whenever it is seen.  The truth may be hard to hear at times, but the truth will set you free.  If we bury our heads in the sand and do not face the difficult truths in the world we have no hope of making it a better place.



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2 Responses to Defeat Political Correctness with FACTS

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Not a fan of PC BS myself. I can see that there is a fine line between respecting others diversity of religion and culture….and being forced to accept things that “should be” unacceptable according to your own values and morals. Just out of curiousity…why do you not name Muhammad as the prophet of the Qu’ran?

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