Racial Politics


Please read the above article before my post.

In this article Obama is calling on the Black Caucasus to go out to the Black communities to “Guard the change.” 

To guard against accusations of racism or bigotry let me state categorically that I fully support and pray for the black community to be more engaged politically.  My problem with the Presidents speech is the ominous tone he is sending to the black community.  The underlying message of what he is saying is this: (or at least will be construed by many in the community as…)

“African-Americans in 2008 you worked hard against all odds to elect a fellow black man as President.  Now in 2010 whitey is trying to undermine all of your hard work.  If we don’t stop him in November our President will be powerless to stop the oppression.”

This President has done more to create an environment of racial fear than anyone.  If you disagree with his policies the drones come out to label you a racist, bigot, homophobe, take your pick.  We have to get past that, and address issues.  I do not care if Obama is black. I disagree with his socialist policies.  These tactics have actually hurt the black community.  If Obama turns out to be the colossal failure he is shaping in to, does that at some level reflect on the black community that overwhelmingly supported him?  Would future black candidates be tainted by Obama’s failures in future Presidential elections?  At some level some white people who felt burned by Obama might be aprehensive or more cautious about supporting another black candidate.  That is just the way some people are.  Obama tells the Black Caucus to go to the neighborhoods and tell them that 2008 was a changing of the guard, and now in 2010 it is time to guard that change.  Does that sound like it is meant to arouse the type of behavior that the black panthers were exhibiting.  The same behavior that the Obama DOJ dropped all charges on?  Black community this is a heartfelt call.  Please take a step back, try to take an objective look at how he is acting, and ask yourself, “Does Obama have the best interest of the Black community at heart or is he using you for political gain?”  Is Obama trying to lift up black people, or bring everyone down?


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