TEA Parties fighting fire with fire

As an organic grassroots organization, it is amazing to me to see the outline of success self forming.  For years the left has somehow owned female and minority issues.  This has been confusing to me since at the heart of liberalism they use these issues as a power base and give lip service reform in return.  Congratulations to conservative women and minorities for stepping to the plate!  The liberal left loves to shout cries of racism, sexism and bigotry at the primarily white male conservatives who have led in the past.  Conservative women and minorities can safely dismiss those accusations and force liberals to defend their policies and positions.  It also shows the public that at its heart, conservatism does not care who leads, but what values they lead with.  Conservatives do not care if your black, white, yellow, green, or if you have 6 toes on your left foot.  What we care about are the values and principles that our founding fathers demand that we must defend.  For almost a century we have dealt with creeping Progressivism with intervals of intense Progressive policy agendas.  We are in one of those intervals and the only cure is our strong conservative women and minorities.  The rise of these new conservatives reminds me of Muhammad Ali‘s “Rope a dope” tactic.  The liberal elites almost reflexively go to racism and sexism.  That is the fight they know.  It is what has kept their power.  Now they do not know how to handle a opponent who can take those blows and fight them on the issues.  I am proud to see how adaptive and capable our TEA parties have become.  We are a big tent where all are welcome.  We are now in a stage where we have to adapt to being a powerful third-party on the field.  If the Republicans can listen to the people and return to small government they will find a powerful ally in the TEA Parties.  If they continue to Tread on the Constitution however, they will find a powerful defensive force in their way.



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5 Responses to TEA Parties fighting fire with fire

  1. Carol Ann Carelli says:

    We need to remind each other to use spell check, which serves to give each of us more credibility. Ex: “opponant” should be opponent. I wince at some of my typos. Thank you for sharing! I totally agree with your point of view. Carol Ann

      • Gwen says:

        Thank you for the post, I agree with your comments. However, I feel this election season it is not just the female and minority it is everyone. We have had enough, enough and we are prepared to take our country back. Men, women, young people and minorities – we are here to stay. We are not going back to sleep and we are going to hold their feet to the fire. Thanks again, Gwen

  2. Sweetiebv says:

    I agree as well. We are so much stronger due to this and I really see some members of the Republican party as not understanding that it is not about dividing conservatives. The goal about getting rid of the liberal socialist mindset that has invaded even the Republican Party for so many years.

  3. Vigilant says:


    “We are now in a stage where we have to adapt to being a powerful third-party on the field.”

    The Tea Party, undeniably, has many great ideas, but I’m truly afraid there are two dangers to their success:

    (1) It is, of course, not monolithic, but apparently still a grass roots collection of different forces, some of which, unfortunately, are jostling for position. Early Christianity was the same way, not a single powerfully structured organization but a scattered society of believers who still cherished the word and had no real interest in political organization. The various churches changed all that, and replaced a fervent movement with an organized political structure. History tells the rest of the story.

    My fear is that, once the “organizers,” amongst which are always found the charlatans that feed on this sort of thing, obtain power, it will become all too much like any other political party. I sincerely wish this does not happen, but history has described this sort of change too many times.

    (2) Third parties have traditionally shown meager results in elections, if indeed that is what you’re talking about, I’m not sure. I think the only way it can survive is to make peace with the Republicans, and compromise on some issues that are centrist in orientation. Otherwise, we may indeed end up with three parties (left, right and center). It’s a tough road ahead, but I wish the Tea Party all good things in their journey.

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