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NPR, Soros funded, FOX hating tax leach

On November 7th, 1967, President Lydon B. Johnson signed the Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 into law.  Originally stated the purpose was to ensure that educational and cultural programming would have a home on the airwaves.  Public radio, and PBS … Continue reading

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Great thinkers Milton Friedman

This post excellently outlines the pitfalls of social programs.  Friedman explains how and why no social program has achieved its original stated goals.  I strongly encourage everyone to look at his many YouTube videos.  Friedman was a genius who knew exactly … Continue reading

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Turning point… Where do you stand?

Welcome to a new day.  This weekend will prove to be a turning point in America if not the world.  The One Nation coming together rally on Saturday proved to be a coming out party for all the sight unseen … Continue reading

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