Open Letter to the Republican Party

Dear Republican Party,

Congratulations on your victory last night.  The American public has spoken, and I want to make sure that you have heard our clear message.  We want our Liberties and Freedoms INTACT!  We have empowered you one last time.  This is your LAST chance to get this right.  We demand that the healthcare law that President Obama and Nancy Pelosi shoved down our throats is REPEALLED.  Do not edit or alter it. REPEAL it!  We demand a smaller less intrusive government that does not tell us what and when to eat.  We demand our Constitutional RIGHTS and RESPONSIBILITIES remain intact.  We are a responsible people capable and willing to govern ourselves and our lives how WE see fit.  We demand that government bailouts CEASE and DESIST.  We demand ethical leadership whose primary concern is NOT bringing home pork to ensure their seat at the table.  We demand line item veto.  We demand term limits.  We demand a return to morals and principles in Washington D.C.  We demand investigations, removal, and imprisonment of those who abuse the trust of the people.  These are not requests.  This is your last chance.  This elections serves as notice that WE THE PEOPLE have faith in our system of peaceful change in Government.  WE THE PEOPLE will NOT tolerate an elite few who seek to bend this country to their will.  ALL of you in Washington have gotten this country into a mess.  WE THE PEOPLE have been asleep, and have let you.  WE take responsibility.  WE are no longer asleep.  WE are rolling up our sleeves, and ready to do the hard work of elevating our country back to that shining hill.  Our children will look back and note the day AMERICA woke up.  Republicans this is a WARNING.  WE will not accept excuses.  WE DEMAND results.  This is your last chance to deliver before we resort to means that we and our Founding Fathers do not want to.  The American spirit is one that will do what has to be done.  There will be those socialist serpents who will whisper in your ear and speak of the tragedies if you do not follow their path.  Stand fast.  They are opportunists and liars.  When you have trouble look to our founding documents for guidance.  Error on the side of liberty and freedom.  Pray EVERYDAY for guidance.  God Bless you in the road ahead.  We are all praying for you and our country.  Do not let us down.  You have been told, and warned.  Our children and grandchildren deserve to live and die in a FREE America.

WE ARE those who follow I AM.



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13 Responses to Open Letter to the Republican Party

  1. Devon says:

    Not too shabby, I’d say.

    These folks need to remember that it was NOT a Republican Grass Roots movement that did this, despite their claim last night.

    We gave and we can take it all away. Keep on them, people!

  2. comdude says:

    Right on. Well, it’s still a two-party system, so you can’t really say it’s the Republicans’ last chance. But I am admiring your post, peppered with Reaganisms, and I think that’s where we’re supposed to go. If we can ever untangle what’s been done over the last two years.

  3. momforsocial says:

    I like your post! It is very strong and well put together. On my blog I will be exploring just how much influence political posts and comments/opinions/views others had shared regarding our current affairs and goverment have influenced the votes of general public. Not only that, I think posts like yours, also encourage many who have chosen not to vote to come out and voice themselves. Great Job!!!

  4. number1meema says:

    I pray this works for youu, but I can’t see them “listening ” to the people that voted them in. The only way to try to make them listen is contact them consistently (email, telephone, letters, etc.) and let them know whay YOU want.
    I’m afraid that too many went along wit the “vote the incumbent” out agenda and don’t have a CLUE why they did. In other words, most people don’t care to be educated on what’s going on today in politics… it’s too much extra work for them to read and find out for themselves what the agendas are for the politicians in office as wellas the candidate-elects voted in.
    It makes me sad that both parties want to WIN “for their Party” instead of “for their Citizens” that voted them in.

    I’m sick of the party-fighting and I pray that they can get together, work together and solve the most important problems of OURS—the constituents that voted them in.
    After Boehner became very emtional during his acceptance speech, I thought that maybe there was a chance of him leading the Repubs into working WITH the President to accomplish change in our situation……then unfortunatley, I heard other comments from him about gridlocking the sysrem just to make sure that Obama accomplished NOTHING!
    Is that really what the Republicans & other Americans that voted him in want? If not. Then LET THE KNOW WHAT YOU WANT H EXPECT.
    Good luck & God Bless!

  5. number1meema says:

    Sorry….I was in a hurry & didn’t proof my comment. Please forgive me for the typing errors….I usually don’t do that.
    I’m new here….that was my first post and I’m using a darn cell phone, so I will be more careful from now on..

  6. comdude says:

    I keep saying, it all depends on what government is really for. That may not be the same as what you think it’s for. It’s not supposed to be a charitable organization that helps people buy new cars. It’s not supposed to take over any part of industry, banking, and the free market. It’s not supposed to get in there and muck with everybody’s health insurance in the name of providing coverage to the 34 million Americans who haven’t figured out how to get their own yet. Some of those 34 million will figure out how to get their own eventually if you let them.

    Boehner’s response is to We The People who have been appalled at the steps taken by this administration to socialize everything. There are people who moved here from Russia who have been watching and have said we need to stop this Obamastration because what he’s been doing is to set us up to be the kind of country they moved away from.

    So if undoing Obama-Law bothers you, just imagine how much it’s been bothering the rest of us that every day he takes us one step closer to communism with very expensive policies that are doomed to failure. You have to know something about history to see why Obama is a disaster.

  7. John D says:

    Great Blog! The Fed is going to pump even more paper into the system after 2 failed tries. A trillion has no effect anymore! If you ahven;t seen The Good Shepherd, it keeps to the truth for the most part, exposing who controls it all.
    My website itcol (In The Cause of Liberty) is not published yet, but soon.
    Keep praying for truth to set us all free.
    John D

  8. John D says:

    Gridlock is good if politicians want to limit our Liberty!

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  10. Dan Buckingham says:

    Why is it that Cashus Clay can change his name to Mohammed Ali to become a muslim to avoid the draft for religious beliefs and yet another person can change his name to Barrack Obama to become a muslim and yet become the Comander in Chief of our Armed Forces. If one can stay out of the military for this reason then the other should never have been allowed to be our Comander in Chief because of the same religion.
    Is all the hype about him being a Muslim true or just hogwash?

    • I do not know what Obama believes truly in his heart. What I do know is that his policies are dangerous and a threat to liberty. As for the QE2 where the fed has monitized 600 billion of our debt, history has proven that it has NEVER worked. I would have no problem if Obama was a muslim and was open about his faith and beliefs. Honesty and integrity is what we seek from our leadership. Obama has proven time and time again that he is willing to mask his true agenda. His actions are what have caused the American public to question his faith. I have seen a lack of integrity that leads me to believe that Obama will not finish his term in office. The republicans will have the power to investigate Rezko, Blagoyavich, the DOJ black panther case etc. These item combined with the hyperinflation brought about by the QE2 will lead to Obama’s peaceful removal from office. Of course this will cause some uncomfortable race relations since currently Obama enjoys a 91% approval rating among the African-American community.

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