Thank you Barbie

As the father of three beautiful children, a constant aggravation has been the political and social messages embedded in cartoons and movies.  (Especially the movies)  Yesterday I sat down to watch Toy Story 3 with the kids.  I was mentally prepared to explain to the kids that people aren’t as bad as the movies make us out to be.  (Yes I am talking to you “Happy Feet”)  Amazingly this movie made me want to jump for joy!  They did an amazing job showing the turmoil and dangers of living in a socialist utopia.  Barbie went so far as to quote John Locke’s “Second Trieste of Government.” 

This was an amazing turn around from Barbie’s previous anti-capitalist views from the Barbie Thumbelina video my daughter got for her birthday.  It warmed my heart to see that Barbie had seen the error of her ways.  I would be interested to see the back story on what opened her eyes in the time between the filming of these two movies, but I digress… 

Typically all of these children’s movies have the same running theme.  Some innocent animal or mythical beast is being hurt by the intentional or unintentional actions of us all.  If we just change how we consume products or live our lives we can save the fairy beast animal thingy.  Usually it is brought to our attention by a song or dance.  Happy Feet is the prime example of this.  I loved the music.  the animation was amazing, but like all of these movies it tried to show how evil people are.  Often these movies solution to the problem does not involve hard work.  Instead the solution is usually you have to love enough.  If you FEEL strongly enough your problem will be solved.  You cannot love your way out of a problem.  Real solutions take WORK.  These movies that parents are using as babysitters are teaching them to live their life based solely on emotion. 

I guess the whole point of this rant was to thank the makers of Toy Story 3 for making a movie that does not make me want to pull my hair out.  Those are far and few.  I would recommend this movie heartily to all my friends.



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One Response to Thank you Barbie

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Toy Story 3 was awesome! Going to buy it when it comes out. I agree the socialist agenda is ruining kids movies for me and brain washing kids.

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