What’s next for the extreme left?

The extreme left is going to be faced with some tough choices in the next few weeks.  Obama is now saying he hopes to work with the republicans.  The extreme left was already PO’d that Obama had not done enough.  This is the time to worry about our Presidents safety.  This is also when the extremists will be their most dangerous.  There will be some who will call the lame duck Congress to action to pass Cap and Trade.  It will be their last chance, and they will feel backed into a corner.  They are tired of slowly making baby steps towards socialism.  Look for some to call for large leaps if not revolution.  They have been working too hard to give up now.  It has been almost too easy.  I sense a political trap, but then again I have been accused of being paranoid.

Spank, TMB


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Watchman of all things political.
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