Repeal of Obama Healthcare a violation of UN Human Rights?

Today in Geneva the United Nations Human Rights Council convened.  The United States for the first time ever presented it’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR)  On page 16-17 the Obama administration has proudly bragged about the Affordable Care Act.  By presenting this to the UN as a means of ensuring human rights in the United States, the administration is setting a trap for Republicans who plan on repealing it.  It will now become a violation of human rights conducted in the United States.  By setting it on the world stage they hope to make it more difficult if not impossible to repeal.  When it is repealed this will give authority to groups within the United States to file Human rights violation complaints to the United Nations.  I am reminded of the immortal words of General Ackbar…  “It’s a trap!”



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One Response to Repeal of Obama Healthcare a violation of UN Human Rights?

  1. I do believe this healthcare bill should have been voted on by us, the PEOPLE not the idiots in Washington.
    HELLO, LIBERALS, WE AREN’T STUPID. MA AND PA TAUGHT ME TO READ. More than I can say about you. Bunch of bloodsuckers.

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