Spank’s 2011 Predictions

Hello adrenaline junkies!!!!  If you are not into adrenaline, you better learn to love it cause 2011 promises to be chocked full of it.  My anxiety meter for 2011 is redlining at “Iceberg! Iceberg!”.  Don’t worry friends, because history favors the prepared.  Interestingly, I had planned on posting something like this around the New Year, but I had nothing to do tonight and would give you a look into the old crystal ball. 

George Soros will be forced to really kick things into gear.  Glenn Becks recent 3 day tirade into everything Soros really puts George in a bind.  In 2011 Soros will be investing HEAVILY in destroying Beck and Fox news.  Nothing personal of course.  I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if there were several attempts on Becks life.  I’m not saying Soros will be behind it, but I’m not saying he won’t be either.  (So basically I’m saying nothing) 

Hyper inflation however will be the thing that will keep the masses occupied.  No one will really care too much about anything else.  I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from the smart Gremlin on Gremlins 2 when he said, “Well actually I’m recommending everyone buy stock in canned foods and shotguns.”  (I would like to point out to my sister that this proves that it was not a waste of two hours of my life)

Okay hyper inflation=bad.  People will be angry not just here but China will be Pissed with a capital P!  Imagine you let someone borrow 53 trillion dollars and they purposefully devalued their currency and paid you pack the equivalent of 35 cents.  Now imagine they constantly made short jokes about your people…  Yeah, I know…  The nerve…

America’s friends will be few and far between.  The blame America first crowd will get international recognition.  America will lose their AAA status, print more money, piss off the world, then bring all of our troops home due to the inability to pay.  Opportunists will take advantage, and some foreign leaders may actually poop their pants.  (I would)  Trade wars, and protectionism will be prevalent.  It will be a very challenging year or two.

On the home front, Obama will be investigated heavily.  His shady Chicago friends…  Well lets just say Obama’s chickens will come home to roost…  People will look a lot more closely at the DOJ Black Panther thing, and will not like what they find.  Of Course Hillary will be there nodding her head in disapproval.  It might take a while but this stuff will lead to Obama’s impeachment.  Trust me on this, it will make OJ’s trial look like a girl scouts troop meeting.  Racial relations will be er… tense…

On the bright side….  I got nothing….

Not entirely true.  There will be a return to faith and values in America unparalleled in global history.  People will hold onto and take care of each other in their darkest hours.  A light will emerge.  The human spirit.  When facing adversity, Americans rise to meet challenges, and that is what we will do.  Despite the fact that odds are against us, we will prevail, and be stronger for it.  It is always darkest before the dawn.

Spank, TMB


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5 Responses to Spank’s 2011 Predictions

  1. Scary? Insane? You tell me.

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  3. Sweetiebv says:

    Love the tone of this one…you’re a funny monkey. 😉 Conspiratorial? Yes…but on the bright side hopefully people will wake up and begin to take positive action. Can goods and shotguns indeed.

  4. Vigilant says:

    “Imagine you let someone borrow 53 trillion dollars and they purposefully devalued their currency and paid you pack the equivalent of 35 cents.”

    We owe China slightly less than $1 trillion. Where do you get your figures from?

  5. Wanda Grubbs says:

    Its barely the middle of Feb now, and Food prices are going up every week, if Egypt falls into the wrong hands, Oil prices may sky rocket, in the end causing food prices to rise very high, and hungry people are going to use the shot guns and not stick around to answer any questions. So I firmly agree with your prediction. It doesnt take a whole lot to make a good man crack, just that he can no longer support his family, feed them on the salary he is bringing in, if he even the lucky one to hold a job, so where does that leave the poor guy getting by on unemployment who has a Family??

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