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The Conservative Arguement for Repealing DADT

I have found one issue that I can agree with President Obama on, however probably not for the same reasons.  The “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (henceforth refered to as DADT) policy is one that would actually be good for the … Continue reading

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Advise and predictions for Republicans in 2011

Ok, the chances of any Government official reading this post are slim to none (except maybe the FCC) but I have to put this out there. Republicans, do NOT extend the limit on the debt ceiling next year!!!!!!!  The debt … Continue reading

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Cyberwar 2.0?

Interesting article appeared the other day.  It appears that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing has a slight problem right now.  $1,100,000,000 worth of newly printed $100 bills have suffered a printing error.  Approximately 30% of these bills have a crease that … Continue reading

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