Advise and predictions for Republicans in 2011

Ok, the chances of any Government official reading this post are slim to none (except maybe the FCC) but I have to put this out there.

Republicans, do NOT extend the limit on the debt ceiling next year!!!!!!!  The debt ceiling was created in 1940 at 43 billion dollars.  It has been raised 99 times since then.  (that is an average of twice a year)  The debt ceiling currently stands at 14.3 TRILLION dollars.  We should come to a point where it needs to be raised again sometime in early 2011. (Aprilish) 

This is the trap the Republicans fell into.  It is a lose lose situation.  If the Republicans raise the debt ceiling the Dems and the media will proudly point to the big spending Republicans continuing business as usual.  If they vote not to raise the debt ceiling, the Government will be FORCED to cut spending.  Social Security, Medicare, and other big-ticket items will have to be drastically drawn back.  THIS IS NEEDED AND NESSESARY!!!!  That bears repeating.  The survival of the country depends on cutting Government spending, and this is the ONLY way to do it.  It will effectively force a line by line budget search for cuts.  The bloated Government has feasted on us long enough.

Now I did say predictions…  I predict (drum roll please) that the Republicans will raise the debt ceiling…  Depressing huh?  The longer they wait, the more it will hurt when it is done.  It may already be too late.  The Republicans know that the cuts to social programs would destroy their chance for re-election, and the liberal media would have a field day talking about cold-hearted Republicans and the homeless hungry who can’t fend for themselves. 

The benefits of slashing the size of Government would take years to realize, and 2012 is around the corner.



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3 Responses to Advise and predictions for Republicans in 2011

  1. Sweetiebv says:


  2. Buck says:

    I believe you are wrong. If the Tea Party can keep focused those Republicans (and Democrats) who favor more and more spending will be out.
    Even the Tea Party candidates will walk the plank if they do not keep their word.

    • I hope your right. I was thinking the other day about losing faith in humanity. You know when some guy cuts you off, and you just think, “Man, everyone is like that jerk and we are all doomed because of it.” Then I remembered that God never loses his faith in humanity. Who am I to lose faith in the people that God trusts to deviver us through hard times. Keep you faith in humanity Buck. I am rediscovering mine.

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