The Conservative Arguement for Repealing DADT

I have found one issue that I can agree with President Obama on, however probably not for the same reasons.  The “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” (henceforth refered to as DADT) policy is one that would actually be good for the military to repeal.

You might be saying to yourself, “But GG your a bible thumping, gun toating, God fearing conservative.  How can you say that with your values intact?” 

I spent 5 years in the Navy.  During that time I had several roomates/friends/co-workers that everyone knew were homosexuals/bisexuals etc. (just as an aside, you guys really need a shorter PC name, all the short names are offensive)  No one bothered them for several reasons.

1.  Most people don’t care.  To all of my homosexual friends out there, trust me, most people do not spend as much time thinking about your sexuality as you do.

2.  There is a large fear of sexual harassment.  The military ensures that the troops know that harassing behavior of almost every kind will not be tolerated.  For the most part the only harassment that is accepted is the kind that is intended as training to push you to work harder or build comradary.  Every one knows that a complaint to your superior will be addressed and more than likely brought up the chain of command.

3.  Everyone else is just trying to blow off steam and get through their day/mission.  Another big surprise for my homosexual friends (I’m starting to sound like McCain) is that if you do not fit the military’s mold, life will be hell for you no matter what your sexual orientation is.  Most people have a hard time in the military.  It takes a very regimented detail oriented person to have a successful career.  Most people get out after one enlistment.  If you can fit the military mold/mindset you will do well and have a good career in the military no matter what your orientation may be.  Otherwise the military will work to break down your will and re-align your priorities to match theirs.  It happens to everyone.

Number three, I think, is the most important by which I base my DADT policy stance.  During my 5 years in the Navy, I watched many strong-willed individuals (myself included) struggle and fight with the military method of breaking your will to build a good conforming soldier.  Nearly everyone took it personal in one way or another.  Those were the ones that failed.  The military does not care what your vices are, just that you shed the vices that get in the way of taking orders.

Most people eventually fall in line because you know that you have to fulfill your contract or go to the brig.  Over time you learn how and when to submit your will to your superiors.  (almost always unless it’s an ensign who doesn’t know his — from a hole in the ground)

DADT however kept many homosexuals from succeeding in the military.  The military did not repress them, but the DADT policy allowed them to go to their officer and quit anytime that things got too difficult for them.  Everyone knew that it was an easy out that other servicemen and women did not have. 

I think that repealing DADT will force homosexuals in the military to stay (just like everyone else) when the going gets tough to finish their contracts.  It will close the loophole that allowed homosexuals to just walk away and leave their posts.  DADT is actually a benefit to homosexuals.  They can break their contract at any time according to their will. 

The press reports DADT as if the military is waiting to kick out gays, when the opposite is true.  Some of my friends told me that when they went to their officer and outed themselves, the first words out of the officers lips were, “Are you sure you want to tell me that?  It will lead to you leaving the military.”  Then they had to re-affirm their statements.

It is time to close the backdoor, (no pun intended) and hold homosexuals to the same standard of contract fulfillment as the heterosexual community.



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3 Responses to The Conservative Arguement for Repealing DADT

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    You make some great points and it refreshing to hear commentary from someone who has actually been in the military and can speak to how the DADT policy actually worked. DADT was irrelevant to what the military is all about (producing uniform soldiers) as you stated above and provided the unforeseen consequence of an easy way to get out.

  2. D Fayette says:

    I think this will weaken the military service. Just wait till we have the first transgender commander of troops? There’s to be one discrimination suit after another–many careers will be destroyed. Homosexuals will have to be promoted to fill the quota, to have equal representation throughout. No sensible heterosexual, Christian dare apply. Just the very mention that homosexual behavior is a sin will bring dismissal with a less then honorable discharge. The military will soon become a gay/lesbian cesspool. Disipline will wane. This will be far worse than integrating women into the military, which is an ongoing mess. Just bend over and take the shaft!

  3. Buck says:

    Sorry I gotta disagree. I, too, spent 6 in the Navy. Yep. There were homosexuals in the Navy way back then, too.
    Don’t know about the other services but homosexuals have no more business serving aboard ship than women. Both would be a distraction and neither would be someone that would instill confidence in shipmates when push comes to shove…
    We are wrecking our military to be politically correct.

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