While we sleep

America is fighting the battle of our lives here at home but what is this doing to the rest of the world?  Tunisia, Yemen, and Egypt are erupting in riots that I fear will lead to more repression rather than freedom, China is flexing its muscles like a Venice beach roidhead, North Korea and Iran have more freedom to do whatever the hell they please than a New Yorker asking for table salt, while Latin America is crumbling into the hands of socialistic despots.  Not to mention the economic conditions of the EU

Truly this is the chaotic perfect storm. 

The world, more than ever, is in desperate need of a strong, consistent United States.  A world in desperate need of leadership is looking towards an America locked in the fetal position, tapping its head, and screaming “Hot water burn the baby!”

Seriously can things honestly get more overwhelming?  We cannot seek escape to our iPhone’s. (besides being immoral, New York is trying to outlaw them while walking)

Where the hell do I start…

The State of the Union is as good of a place as any.  Mr. President your message came through loud and clear.  In fact it is the clearest and most concise message you have ever given the American public, “The 2012 re-election campaign is operational!”

The American public is ready to sit at the big boy table and have an adult conversation about debt and spending while Washington is flinging mashed potatoes at each other.

$14,000,000,000,000 in national debt, $112,000,000,000,000 in unfunded liabilities, and our President mentions more opportunities to spend in the state of the union then to save.  This is the generational theft that Jefferson warned us about.

Ok rays of sunshine…  (If I don’t give some now some readers may kick the stool, I am close myself)

Rand Paul has suggested doing away with the Department of Education, Department of Energy, and some other deserving institutions…  Good start for two weeks into office.

Ron Paul is working on legislation for auditing the Fed that has a good chance.  About time we pulled back the curtain.  I am quite sure we will not like what we find…

Boerner managed not to cry at the state of the union.  (Gotta celebrate the little victories)

12 states have proposed requirements that Presidential candidates MUST provide  a copy of their birth certificate to appear on the ballot.  (Really?!  I mean duh? I need it for a home loan why not for the white house?)

The state of Texas passed a law requiring a valid ID to vote.  (The ACLU plans to sue on behalf of the walking dead who have voted in the last umpteen million elections)

China has a new stealth fighter made with stolen parts from an American stealth fighter that was downed over Kosovo.  (Lucky shot Milosevic)  It may take a while to perfect though since the Chinese have a tendency to accidentally use lead paint instead of the stealthy top-secret paint.

Oh yes, and my favorite news item…  The US and Israel worked together to create the Stuxnet virus.  For those of you who have the time and no life you can go back to my September posts about the virus while I sit here and yell “I told you so!” at the top of my lungs.

 Spank, TMB


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One Response to While we sleep

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Clever wording in this one. I reread your Sept. post. You were right! I completely agree that it opens up a cyber-warfare attack for other countries against us.

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