Middle East Peace Means Getting Our House in Order

Fires are springing up all over the middle east.  There is fighting, riots, and a critical shortage of good guys to back so what can the US do to stabilize this region?

Believe it or not, I, your simple-minded friend, have the answer. 

The riots and discontent in the middle east have little to do with democracy and freedom.  The extreme left socialists are once again sewing the seeds of discontent.  If Obama truly wanted peace in the region, and throughout the world he could make a few changes here that would go a long way to those ends.

1.  Cancel the moratorium on drilling and announce that the US will immediately lower all the roadblocks to American energy independence.  Drill oil, natural gas, and build nuclear power plants at a rate not seen in human history.  (Hint this may help the US economy and employment situation as well)

2.  Cancel all EPA mandated corn ethanol requirements and subsidies.  ethanol has been proven to cause engine damage in cars, raise global food prices, and is no better for the environment than gasoline.  Global food prices are fueling the flames of discontent in the middle east.  Driving down food costs will take the edge off of those tensions.

3.  Stop all monetary foreign aid to despotic leaders.  If a country is having a hard time feeding its citizens the US will provide food aid on the condition that the US can deliver it to the people in need.  If a despot truly cares about his people or them getting hungry enough to overthrow him, he may consider allowing the US to deliver food aid directly to the people.  (This also means that US aid CANNOT be relabeled as UN aid.  We pay for it, we give it)

If the US followed these policies, gas and food prices would drop globally.  The US would create jobs and Obama could talk about the US recovery without qualitative backtracking.  The key to global peace and democracy is a responsible, strong, moral, and just United States.  It is time for us to lead by example again.



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4 Responses to Middle East Peace Means Getting Our House in Order

  1. Mila says:

    Dave, that’s a very sound and meaningful solution (as always). But it means that some people’s wallets will get thinner. Do you think they will agree to it out of the desire to stabilize Middle East and improve things domestically? They are not martyrs.

    • I believe in free market solutions. Those policies I put forth are all instances that the government is interfering with the market. Ethanol is not what the government says it is for the environment. It is a reward to lobbyists. It is putting taxpayer money in the pockets of lobbyists and political allies. It is OUR money. It is not their money to give up. It is ours to spend on policies that WORK. The riots in the middle east are a direct result of this corrupt policy. I would say that policies like this one give people in the middle east a legitimate reason to dislike us.

  2. Sweetiebv says:

    Some great ideas! Those are sound solutions, but or course I do not believe we would ever do any of it. I really like seeing solutions rather than just doom and gloom. 🙂

  3. Nick says:

    All good suggestions……

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