How to spot Propaganda

It has been interesting to watch how Socialists have been promoting their extreme views to the public.  In order to get a majority of the people to support them they have to re-package and re-define.  Here are some keywords that leftists use to package an agenda to the public while simultaneously communicating to fellow leftists:

Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Democracy, People, The Worker, New World Order, Globalism, Global Governance, and State Capitalism

People are generally good.  We try to make the world a better place.  We try to be equitable and fair in our transactions.  The Socialists and their allies prey on this. 

On its face social justice sounds pretty good, and in some cases it is good, but the extreme left has hijacked the term.  It has become a device to promote class warfare and re-distribution of wealth.  Environmental and racial justice are much the same.

Democracy is another term that has undergone much transformation.  For a long period of time the term was misused.  Democracy was synonymous with America and her values.  Our founders knew that democracy is not a system that can support any sizable population.  It folds under the pressure of mobs.  That is why we formed a Republic.  The people vote in representatives as their voice in Government.  A nation of our size cannot call on every citizen to participate in full-time governance.  Democracy is the direct power of the people, and the socialists hide behind the word.  Many Socialist organizations have a derivative of the word in their name.  Democratic Socialists of America, Workers Democratic Network, Democratic Socialists Party, etc…

The Worker is another keyword to be mindful of.  The Socialists playbook is rife with class warfare, and idolizing the worker is one very effective means to achieve this goal.  In America we have always been a nation of individuals.  Our identities are tied to our jobs, but we work to secure our individual hobbies and lifestyles.  Be very careful of groups that seek to lump all workers together.  Pride in your work can be used as a tool just as strong as nationalism.  Unions have a time and place, but like all things, you can have too much of a good thing.  Unions have tied into the worker message very well.  Although unions often appear to look out for the little guy, they can inflate a bloated system that is no longer able to support itself.  in the end destroying those they claimed to protect.  A generation or two might reap the benefits of a bloated retirement plan, but in the end it falls on the backs of our children.  It then becomes generational theft.

We cannot forget that words have MEANING.  Take people at their word.  If someone says something, hold them to it. 



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One Response to How to spot Propaganda

  1. Scott says:

    The Leftist’s creed is style over substance. This includes distortion rather than proven fact, and an interpretation of history, which to any true scholar is almost laughable were it not so dangerous to our children and our future. I am particularly interested in the buzzwords–The Worker–right now and will be posting on that subject shortly. I would be honored to write some commentary for your site anytime.

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