Current Events – PCBS = Scary Truth

The biggest danger to the United States is a leadership that is not capable of, or willing to recognizing the dangers she faces.

The fact is that America has been weakened by the global economic situation.  This situation has been engineered, and is currently being taken advantage of by the enemies of Capitalism and Freedom.

The sharks smell blood in the water.  They are taking the opportunity to kick us when we are down. 

Until we are willing to pick our heads up and say, “Yes, evil exists, they are seeking our destruction, and this is who they are…” we will continue to be our own worst enemy.

Not only does radical Islam exist, but it exists in larger quantities than we are willing to admit.  Some have said that only 10% of Muslims are radicalized or subscribe to radical ideals.  With over 1 billion Muslims (and growing) in the world that only leaves us with 100 million radicals who see the destruction of the US and Israel as their religious duty.  When a religion glorifies death it can become a powerful force for evil.  (A politically correct blog would at this point enter a sentence about how not all Muslims glorify death, but not here)  Islam teaches that it is OK to lie to, cheat, enslave, and kill a non-believer.  (infidel is the favored word)  These are things that are not easy to hear, and not comfortable to say, but we must start the dialog.

Other difficult facts:

1.  Radical Muslims are not our only enemies.

2.  Many of our enemies have joined together to try to bring us down.

3.  Propaganda is being used to keep us from openly discussing their tactics.

4.  Our enemies have systematically targeted our media, our education system, our religion(s), our culture.

5.  Our enemies have used our political and legal system against us.

6.  We are currently being attacked from within.

7.  Disinformation is one tactic used so that we no longer know who to trust.

8.  Some enemies are trying to use class warfare as a tool to sew discontent.

9.  Large international banks are also trying to control us.

10.  They have used slow tactics over the last 100 years to gain critical footholds in our system.

11.  Pointing out the truth is labeled as conspiratorial and paranoid.

12.  A system has been created that allows people to pick the facts they choose to believe.  (If you choose the truth over their “facts” you are crazy, paranoid, conspiratorial, racist, homophobic, or you hate women and/or children)

Interestingly, our enemies usually tell us exactly what they are going to do, but because of PCBS we dismiss it as rhedoric.  They also like to accuse us of what they are doing.



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One Response to Current Events – PCBS = Scary Truth

  1. jeremy says:

    Im sorry, im sure we do live n radical times, but to confuse these people as to stear them away from the actual purps! I would like to know where you get this information from? You people need to actually write these words “This is my OWN oppinion”…

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