Shut up and be a good little Socialist


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Interesting story on The Blaze today.  In Seattle a Police Officer wrote an article blasting the cities Social Justice policy.  The City says that they are not prosecuting certain crimes by certain minorities.  They also say that the justice system has embedded in itself a sort of “institutional racism.”

The example they cite is driving without a license.  They say that 44% of those prosecuted by this offense are African-American.  Does this show institutional racism or is it perhaps the result of a broken culture?

Lady Justice is always depicted as a blind-folded woman holding a balancing scale.  It is part of who we are.  Justice is and should be blind.  Seattle goes on to say that most minorities are poor, and that the city looses money prosecuting these cases.  That is their JOB.  They have no problem wasting money in other places and all of a sudden they have become responsible stewards of tax-payer money when it come to getting out of doing the job of law enforcement?  Yeah, I’m not buying it.

If I was African-American, I would be insulted by Seattle’s stand on this issue.  Basically, this is the scenario I see for Seattle’s future:

Police Officer (PO):  Hello sir/ma’am.  Do you know why I pulled you over today?

Outstanding African-American citizen (OAAC):  No sir.

PO: Did you know you have a broken tail light?

OAAC:  Yes, sir  I have been meaning to get that fixed.

PO:  I need to see your DL and Registration please.

OAAC:  Sorry sir but I left my DL at home.

PO:  Well citizen, just tell me who you are and I’ll write the ticket for the tail light, but you are in luck.  The Government says that statistically it is unfair for me to write you a ticket for not having a DL and statistically you are too poor to pay for it anyway.  The government has decided, based on your skin color, that you can drive without a license all you want.  So can I have your name for the other ticket?

OAAC:  Yeah, Samuel L. Jackson…

Do you see how this sort of thing would just end up hurting a fine and gifted actor?

Spank, TMB



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One Response to Shut up and be a good little Socialist

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Love it Spank! Nice example!

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