Budget cuts have a LOOOONG way to go

First, I would like to say, “Watch what the other hand is doing.”  If the democrats are willing to give a little to cut the budget, they are likely tightening the noose around our neck somewhere else. 

Drudge has the headline today that VP Joe Biden had slept through Obama’s budget speech.  I think that is an excellent demonstration of how our Government has been asleep at the wheel for a while. 

The budget agreement that the House has agreed upon is far too little far too late.  I am optimistic that we as a country are finally waking to our fiscal reality.  Fiscal responsibility is a moral imperative.  The fact that funding for Planned Parenthood was a major sticking point that conservatives lost on was deeply disturbing to me.  Boerner and the Republicans deeply mishandled the issue. 

I have faith that if the American public had the issue laid out to them in the proper way we could have won the day on that issue.  Boerner should have approached it this way:

The American public knows that Title 10 makes it illegal to fund abortions with public money.  They also know that this is a shell game, and by providing any funding it frees resources for Planned Parenthood to provide these services.  To many Americans this defies their religious and moral beliefs.  The Republicans should defund this, but at the same time reassure Americans that the service is still available, and if it is something that people feel is a vital service, our country allows them the freedom to donate as much of their own money as they wish to this program.  Then the Republicans should post a website where Americans can donate to Planned Parenthood if they so choose.  The program would probably make more money than it was funded, and this would relieve some Americans of their religious duty to not fund it. 

The Government has over the years taken much of charity as its own obligation.  These charities are the responsibility of the public at large as they choose.  We have the responsibility and the obligation to support the charities of our own choosing.  Once the government requires the public to support one charity or another, they rob the public of their moral rewards for doing the right thing.

With the budget, we have a long way to go.  The agreement made does not even scratch the surface.  Real cost saving can only be made in Social Programs. 

In the Presidents speech today he said that Republicans want to abandon the most vulnerable in our society.  That is not true.  Republicans want those who are able to stand on their own, and those who have the means to help their neighbors.  The Government is an expensive and inefficient caretaker.  We can do it better ourselves.  It is time for America to stand for self-reliance, and true charity for those who are truly in need.



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One Response to Budget cuts have a LOOOONG way to go

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Agreed! Let’s get rid of this entitlement mentality and see how much better we can be as a country and be able to help each other as we have always done before the government began its ‘care taking’ social programs! 🙂

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