The Genius of Our Founding Fathers

Our founding fathers were educated men who studied Government, Science, History, Religion, Business, and more.  When seeking information on how to best shape our Government they delved deep into history.  They noted the 4 main powers that dominate the world:  Religion, Government, Business, and Science.

Why is this important?  Well for two reasons:

1.  The greatest times of prosperity in the world were when these powers were evenly balanced and kept each other in check.

2.  The greatest tragedies in history occurred when these powers colluded with each other at the expense of the populace.

They shaped our Government in the same manner.  For the most part we are told that there are 3 branches of GovernmentJudicial, Executive, and Legislative

What we don’t consider is the 4th branch of Government, the Bureaucracy.  These are the the powers that choose which laws to support, what regulations to impose, etc…  How does the FCC try to impose net neutrality after it was shot down by the Legislative and Judicial branches?  Bureaucracy…

Do you feel the choking of “red tape” at every turn?  Bureaucracy…

Bureaucracy is a good thing when separate and balanced in its power.

The founders mirrored what they saw in history, and tried to limit and balance the power to ensure our success.  Thomas Jefferson knew that ALL governments seek to increase in power, scope, and size.  He surmised that we would need a revolution about every 25 years or so to restore liberty and limited government.  Think of how our branches work.

Executive Branch is like governments of history they guide a society and its’ peoples.

Judicial is like science.  It is objective and analytical.

Legislative is like religion.  It sets up the rules by which a society lives.

Bureaucracy is like business.  It handles the day to day operations of a society.

These four elements prosper when they work to keep each other at bay.  Today we see our government working with business which is funding science to support themselves while from the pulpit social justice is taught.  They are all working hand it hand at our expense.  We are inundated and barraged with the government message from media, business, and the church.  All supported by junk science.

What can we do to restore balance?

If I knew, I wouldn’t be just some anonymous blogger…



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8 Responses to The Genius of Our Founding Fathers

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    I agree! I like the comparisons…it really helps clarify government’s role. I believe as you and Thomas Jefferson did that it is (and should be) a constant struggle between the branches and if that struggle does take place when or as it should that is when we have trouble. This doesn’t have one easy answer or once you get it right it is done. It is constant like any functioning relationship and unfortunately a lot of the American people care much more about what they are entitled to than what is actually what our country needs. 😦

  2. An article today said that for sure, the next election will be a battle of ideologies. Will it really show the public what freedom, liberty, free enterprise, the 10th Amendment means ? I hope so. The Pub nominee has to stop being Dem light or an across the aisle baloney. True freedoms will mean less welfare, less entitlements, and more choices whether in education, doctors, or jobs. Hopefully Jeffersonian small govt. will win next time out. We shall see.

  3. Rob Miller @ Joshuapundit says:

    Dear Dave,
    I received your message over at Joshuapundit regarding an Honorable mention. In order to do that, I need some indication of which article of yours you want considered. You now have an e-mail address so you can let me know directly, or simply go back to the ‘Contact Me’ page at Joshuapundit and leave a link to th epiece you want considered, rather than your entire blog.

    Best Regards,
    Rob Miller, AKA The Watcher

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