Write in Campaign

I have decided on a candidate for President in 2012.  Like many others, I find myself luke warm when looking at the field of candidates before us.  Yes, I do like many of them, and what they stand for, but many lack the charisma and electability needed.  I may like a candidate, but they may not stand up to the pressure the media will place on them.  None of them have the strength of character, virtue, and leadership quality I am looking for.  They all seem to be pieces of the candidate I am looking for.

For this reason I have decided that I am going to put my full support into a campaign to write in Allen West for President.  The man has that Reaganesque ability to captivate a room.  Hecklers and the media just bounce off of him like water off a ducks back.  This is the kind of intelligent integrity our country needs in a leader.

Our founding fathers warned us in the Federalist Papers to be wary of men who seek office.  The men who seek power will only work to grow and expand the power of office.  In their day, men were selected by write in.  Seeking office was a sure way to not get it.

Please join me on Facebook.  I have started the “Allen West write in campaign” group.

Read more about this leader among men there.



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