US Stealth Fleet Grounded by China?

Cyber warfare has drastically changed the power paradigms in our new world.  An army of hackers can level the playing field for a military that is outgunned by a more technological military apparatus. 

How do you compete against a fleet of stealth fighters that are years ahead of you technologically?  Upgrading radar systems to detect them is costly and time-consuming.  Constructing your own stealth fleet is again costly, and very time-consuming.  New weaponry can be negated as quickly as it is developed.  What does a competing country do in the meantime?

The easiest, most cost-effective solution is to concentrate your resources into stealing technology, and using the technology against itself.

The new stealth systems have extremely complex computer systems that are needed just to keep it in the air.  That is their Achilles Heel.  How many vendors and subcontractors are tied into Lockheed’s system?  By hacking the stealth fleets computer systems, you could conceivably render the system inoperable, created a backdoor that would disable flight systems, or take control of the craft.

The Stuxnet virus changed the operation of nuclear centrifuges without being detected.  It would vary the speed of the centrifuges and report that all operations were normal to the operator.

Now imagine a dormant virus on our fighters.  It would be hidden deep inside of vital operating systems.  It could be activated at any time by anyone with access.

Iran’s nuclear power plants were thought to be secure.  They had no connections to outside computers or the internet.  Yet the Stuxnet virus managed to bypass all of this through a subcontractors thumb drive.

It is suspected that Chinese hackers had full access to the IMF computer systems for at least four months.  Pakistan gave Chinese engineers access to the downed stealth helicopter where they took samples of the stealth paint coating.  China is currently conducting test flights on a stealth fighter.  It came as a shock to many that China could develop one so quickly.  They are also testing a new Aircraft Carrier.

Just from a logistical standpoint, the best move would be to negate America’s stealth fleet via a cheap untraceable computer virus.  Why not? 

When America released Stuxnet on Iran we were announcing “GAME ON” to cyber warfare.  The message was received by the world to start the ultimate nerd no holds barred competition.  Get out you pocket protectors, this could get messy…

Entire US stealth fighter fleet grounded.  O2 delivery system failure.  Oh really?

Stuxnet virus launched by US/Israel targeted Iranian nuclear power facility.  Entered into secure computer system by thumb drives.

Vital US energy infrastructure hacked.  China suspected.

IMF computer systems hacked by unknown state.  China suspected.

F-35 electronics system information hacked.  Suspect? China.  Terabytes of information stolen.

Pakistan gave China access to downed stealth helicopter.

China’s new stealth fighter.

China’s new Aircraft Carrier.

Lockheed Network shutdown possibly a hack?

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One Response to US Stealth Fleet Grounded by China?

  1. Sweetiebv says:

    Scary stuff….pocket protectors. 🙂 Thanks for all the links. It is important that we pay attention to these things. We can only hope our intelligence agencies are as well.

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