The Death of Keynsian Economics

Sure it has been a while, but with the elections coming I thought it would be good to revive the blog. 

Had I mentioned the world had gone to hell in a handbasket?  Good news!  The sleeping giant seems to be awakening.  The general malaise has been replaced with a new hope.  Romney was never my first pick.  (not even second, third, or fourth) However, he has suddenly gained traction by channelling Ronald Reagan.  America was very responsive. 

Big government seems to have taken quite a blow.  America has awakened to find Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece don’t seem to have workable models of governance.  Many people are starting to realize that eventually someone will have to pay for this.  Many of the older generation don’t even want to face this reality while thirty something are pissed.  Even if we could avoid being the generation to pay for this, we would be the first to knowingly throw our children off the fiscal cliff.

John Maynard Keynes idea of the government stimulating the economy by spending, printing, then spending has never been so fully realized.  Our generation is the one who are now witnessing Keynesian economics in its death thralls.  Good riddance…

For a great entertaining view on the argument between Keynes(spend) and Hayek(laze fairre)





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