Fantasy Politics

Well world it is election time yet again, and dang it if it is not an entertaining one as well. I’ll start with the democrats (since there are so few) Hillary, Hillary, Hillary…. She has the Clinton name but the charisma seems to elude her. The current wipe gate scandal will be the end of her candidacy… Who will fill the vacuum? Bernie Sanders? No, although we are going further and further to the left, I don’t think anyone who admits they are a socialist will win. (Should have hid it Bernie… like everyone else) There is a lot of talk about Biden but I don’t think that could work. Losing Hillary will take some support from the feminist movement, and the last thing they need is a creepy old guy giving massages to young politicians wives. I have said for a while that Elizabeth Warren (Indian Outlaw) would run. I believe the only reason she hasn’t was because her and Hillary would split the female vote.

Republicans… They actually have some really good candidates this time around. The top three candidates are all outside of the political “norm” (i.e. establishment) The question is will they embrace one of these candidates or try to marginalize him/her? They may be willing to lose the presidency just to keep their chairs at the table. Trump is not going away. The media and the establishment are writhing. I have some concerns about Trump. I would however LOVE to be a fly on the wall watching him talk to Putin. I could possibly see a Trump/Cruz ticket. He has said that he would need a politician for VP, which would actually be pretty smart. Cruz is high in the polls and has not once said anything to cross Trump, which is also smart. Ben Carson has also done quite well. His drawback is that he is so soft spoken. I would also love to see a Ben Carson/Allen West ticket.
Jeb… Done
Rubio… Done
Walker… Done
Paul… Way Done
Christie…. Way Done
Santorum… Never started
Perry… Shouldn’t have even tried
Furina… Good but can’t get traction
Huckabee… Not quite done yet
Jindle… Never started
Cruz… This is interesting… Trump has really taken the role of vocal critic that Cruz was going to run with. A good tactic for Cruz is to keep going, avoid conflict with Trump, and follow him in. Right now Trump is really a big body shield from the media. They hate Cruz, but they hate Trump more. If the media can trip Trump, Cruz will get the Trump supporters.
Trump… Trump has a few advantages.. His larger than life persona, and inability to care what the PC crowd says or does really attracts a lot of people out there. He is famous and had many shows and appearances. He will get the TV vote. Some may not know or care about the issues and will vote for him because he is entertaining. I’m not busting on the guy, I like him. He is far better than any establishment contender.
Carson… Brilliant and great policies. As I mentioned, soft spoken. That will subconsciously effect the race for him. He really needs to hone his speaking skills.

Overall there is a great group of candidates on the right. I am actually confident that the establishment and the media will not be able to stick us with another pseudo conservative.


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