US Stealth Fleet Grounded by China?

Cyber warfare has drastically changed the power paradigms in our new world.  An army of hackers can level the playing field for a military that is outgunned by a more technological military apparatus. 

How do you compete against a fleet of stealth fighters that are years ahead of you technologically?  Upgrading radar systems to detect them is costly and time-consuming.  Constructing your own stealth fleet is again costly, and very time-consuming.  New weaponry can be negated as quickly as it is developed.  What does a competing country do in the meantime?

The easiest, most cost-effective solution is to concentrate your resources into stealing technology, and using the technology against itself.

The new stealth systems have extremely complex computer systems that are needed just to keep it in the air.  That is their Achilles Heel.  How many vendors and subcontractors are tied into Lockheed’s system?  By hacking the stealth fleets computer systems, you could conceivably render the system inoperable, created a backdoor that would disable flight systems, or take control of the craft.

The Stuxnet virus changed the operation of nuclear centrifuges without being detected.  It would vary the speed of the centrifuges and report that all operations were normal to the operator.

Now imagine a dormant virus on our fighters.  It would be hidden deep inside of vital operating systems.  It could be activated at any time by anyone with access.

Iran’s nuclear power plants were thought to be secure.  They had no connections to outside computers or the internet.  Yet the Stuxnet virus managed to bypass all of this through a subcontractors thumb drive.

It is suspected that Chinese hackers had full access to the IMF computer systems for at least four months.  Pakistan gave Chinese engineers access to the downed stealth helicopter where they took samples of the stealth paint coating.  China is currently conducting test flights on a stealth fighter.  It came as a shock to many that China could develop one so quickly.  They are also testing a new Aircraft Carrier.

Just from a logistical standpoint, the best move would be to negate America’s stealth fleet via a cheap untraceable computer virus.  Why not? 

When America released Stuxnet on Iran we were announcing “GAME ON” to cyber warfare.  The message was received by the world to start the ultimate nerd no holds barred competition.  Get out you pocket protectors, this could get messy…

Entire US stealth fighter fleet grounded.  O2 delivery system failure.  Oh really?

Stuxnet virus launched by US/Israel targeted Iranian nuclear power facility.  Entered into secure computer system by thumb drives.

Vital US energy infrastructure hacked.  China suspected.

IMF computer systems hacked by unknown state.  China suspected.

F-35 electronics system information hacked.  Suspect? China.  Terabytes of information stolen.

Pakistan gave China access to downed stealth helicopter.

China’s new stealth fighter.

China’s new Aircraft Carrier.

Lockheed Network shutdown possibly a hack?

Spank, TMB

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Obama Sets Himself for Win-Win on Debt Ceiling

If you have watched any of the debt ceiling negotiations, you have noticed that it appears that lawmakers are at an impasse.  Every other day it seems someone is walking out of the room.  All of this of course is political posturing.

I believe that this debt ceiling debacle is a win-win for Obama, and a lose-lose for Republicans.  Let me explain:

Obama appears to have changed the goalpost today, insisting on new taxes to make up for spending cuts.  Democrats are painting a picture in the media that Republicans are holding our nation hostage.  (They tend to accuse their opponents of the very things they themselves are guilty of.)  If the Democrats can get the Republicans to raise taxes it does two things for them:

1.  They get to increase taxes like they have been planning on doing all along.

2.  It makes the Republicans look weak if not treacherous for caving on the very thing voters demanded of them during the last election.

If the Republicans stick to their guns and do not pass an increase in the debt ceiling (which I believe the Democrats are privately praying to the Earth Mother for) they will be able to blame the Republicans for ALL of our economic woes.  I can see them now plastered on MSNBC crying, “The economy was rebounding, and we were almost out of the woods until the Republicans stonewalled the President.  They denied our country the prosperity that every American has a right to!”

I believe that the debt ceiling should not be raised.  Yes, it will hurt, but we need to take our medicine.  The longer we wait to get our affairs in order the harder it will be.  Our grandfathers, fathers are not the only ones to blame.  We were convinced that there is such a thing as a “free lunch”.

We need to be the next “Greatest generation”,  and do the difficult task of ensuring prosperity not for our generation, but for all future generations.


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Write in Campaign

I have decided on a candidate for President in 2012.  Like many others, I find myself luke warm when looking at the field of candidates before us.  Yes, I do like many of them, and what they stand for, but many lack the charisma and electability needed.  I may like a candidate, but they may not stand up to the pressure the media will place on them.  None of them have the strength of character, virtue, and leadership quality I am looking for.  They all seem to be pieces of the candidate I am looking for.

For this reason I have decided that I am going to put my full support into a campaign to write in Allen West for President.  The man has that Reaganesque ability to captivate a room.  Hecklers and the media just bounce off of him like water off a ducks back.  This is the kind of intelligent integrity our country needs in a leader.

Our founding fathers warned us in the Federalist Papers to be wary of men who seek office.  The men who seek power will only work to grow and expand the power of office.  In their day, men were selected by write in.  Seeking office was a sure way to not get it.

Please join me on Facebook.  I have started the “Allen West write in campaign” group.

Read more about this leader among men there.


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The Genius of Our Founding Fathers

Our founding fathers were educated men who studied Government, Science, History, Religion, Business, and more.  When seeking information on how to best shape our Government they delved deep into history.  They noted the 4 main powers that dominate the world:  Religion, Government, Business, and Science.

Why is this important?  Well for two reasons:

1.  The greatest times of prosperity in the world were when these powers were evenly balanced and kept each other in check.

2.  The greatest tragedies in history occurred when these powers colluded with each other at the expense of the populace.

They shaped our Government in the same manner.  For the most part we are told that there are 3 branches of GovernmentJudicial, Executive, and Legislative

What we don’t consider is the 4th branch of Government, the Bureaucracy.  These are the the powers that choose which laws to support, what regulations to impose, etc…  How does the FCC try to impose net neutrality after it was shot down by the Legislative and Judicial branches?  Bureaucracy…

Do you feel the choking of “red tape” at every turn?  Bureaucracy…

Bureaucracy is a good thing when separate and balanced in its power.

The founders mirrored what they saw in history, and tried to limit and balance the power to ensure our success.  Thomas Jefferson knew that ALL governments seek to increase in power, scope, and size.  He surmised that we would need a revolution about every 25 years or so to restore liberty and limited government.  Think of how our branches work.

Executive Branch is like governments of history they guide a society and its’ peoples.

Judicial is like science.  It is objective and analytical.

Legislative is like religion.  It sets up the rules by which a society lives.

Bureaucracy is like business.  It handles the day to day operations of a society.

These four elements prosper when they work to keep each other at bay.  Today we see our government working with business which is funding science to support themselves while from the pulpit social justice is taught.  They are all working hand it hand at our expense.  We are inundated and barraged with the government message from media, business, and the church.  All supported by junk science.

What can we do to restore balance?

If I knew, I wouldn’t be just some anonymous blogger…


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Budget cuts have a LOOOONG way to go

First, I would like to say, “Watch what the other hand is doing.”  If the democrats are willing to give a little to cut the budget, they are likely tightening the noose around our neck somewhere else. 

Drudge has the headline today that VP Joe Biden had slept through Obama’s budget speech.  I think that is an excellent demonstration of how our Government has been asleep at the wheel for a while. 

The budget agreement that the House has agreed upon is far too little far too late.  I am optimistic that we as a country are finally waking to our fiscal reality.  Fiscal responsibility is a moral imperative.  The fact that funding for Planned Parenthood was a major sticking point that conservatives lost on was deeply disturbing to me.  Boerner and the Republicans deeply mishandled the issue. 

I have faith that if the American public had the issue laid out to them in the proper way we could have won the day on that issue.  Boerner should have approached it this way:

The American public knows that Title 10 makes it illegal to fund abortions with public money.  They also know that this is a shell game, and by providing any funding it frees resources for Planned Parenthood to provide these services.  To many Americans this defies their religious and moral beliefs.  The Republicans should defund this, but at the same time reassure Americans that the service is still available, and if it is something that people feel is a vital service, our country allows them the freedom to donate as much of their own money as they wish to this program.  Then the Republicans should post a website where Americans can donate to Planned Parenthood if they so choose.  The program would probably make more money than it was funded, and this would relieve some Americans of their religious duty to not fund it. 

The Government has over the years taken much of charity as its own obligation.  These charities are the responsibility of the public at large as they choose.  We have the responsibility and the obligation to support the charities of our own choosing.  Once the government requires the public to support one charity or another, they rob the public of their moral rewards for doing the right thing.

With the budget, we have a long way to go.  The agreement made does not even scratch the surface.  Real cost saving can only be made in Social Programs. 

In the Presidents speech today he said that Republicans want to abandon the most vulnerable in our society.  That is not true.  Republicans want those who are able to stand on their own, and those who have the means to help their neighbors.  The Government is an expensive and inefficient caretaker.  We can do it better ourselves.  It is time for America to stand for self-reliance, and true charity for those who are truly in need.


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Shut up and be a good little Socialist


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Interesting story on The Blaze today.  In Seattle a Police Officer wrote an article blasting the cities Social Justice policy.  The City says that they are not prosecuting certain crimes by certain minorities.  They also say that the justice system has embedded in itself a sort of “institutional racism.”

The example they cite is driving without a license.  They say that 44% of those prosecuted by this offense are African-American.  Does this show institutional racism or is it perhaps the result of a broken culture?

Lady Justice is always depicted as a blind-folded woman holding a balancing scale.  It is part of who we are.  Justice is and should be blind.  Seattle goes on to say that most minorities are poor, and that the city looses money prosecuting these cases.  That is their JOB.  They have no problem wasting money in other places and all of a sudden they have become responsible stewards of tax-payer money when it come to getting out of doing the job of law enforcement?  Yeah, I’m not buying it.

If I was African-American, I would be insulted by Seattle’s stand on this issue.  Basically, this is the scenario I see for Seattle’s future:

Police Officer (PO):  Hello sir/ma’am.  Do you know why I pulled you over today?

Outstanding African-American citizen (OAAC):  No sir.

PO: Did you know you have a broken tail light?

OAAC:  Yes, sir  I have been meaning to get that fixed.

PO:  I need to see your DL and Registration please.

OAAC:  Sorry sir but I left my DL at home.

PO:  Well citizen, just tell me who you are and I’ll write the ticket for the tail light, but you are in luck.  The Government says that statistically it is unfair for me to write you a ticket for not having a DL and statistically you are too poor to pay for it anyway.  The government has decided, based on your skin color, that you can drive without a license all you want.  So can I have your name for the other ticket?

OAAC:  Yeah, Samuel L. Jackson…

Do you see how this sort of thing would just end up hurting a fine and gifted actor?

Spank, TMB


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Wisconsin, Unions, Contagion, and the Real Issues

We have a choice.

If your my age, you remember hearing your grandparents tell stories of the sacrifices that had to be made during World War II.  I remember only after my Grandfather passed hearing about some of the horrible ordeals he suffered through in the battles in Okinawa.  No generation ever deserved more the title, “The Greatest Generation.”

We now have a task to complete that will be every bit as difficult.  We have the challenge of saving our children from the slavery of OUR debt.  Our parents put some of this debt on us, but we have the moral obligation to draw a line in the sand, and say that it ends with us.

Some are trying to say that the Governor of Wisconsin and Conservative TEA Party types hates teachers, children, women, and minorities.  Really, is that even believable?  Those are the ones who fear taking responsibility for our actions and getting away from the status quo.

Right or Left, man or woman, white or black, we have all been lied to.  We have been told that we can all have a great life, pile on debt, and expect a retirement without having to do the hard work of saving for ourselves.  Somewhere along the line, we convinced ourselves that although it doesn’t mathematically make sense, we deserve, no, we have a right to have these things provided for us.  Politicians and unions happily lied to us for power and swept the fact that eventually someone would have to pay, under the rug.  They asked for you to give them power and your children’s’ indentured servitude in exchange for a retirement/medicaid/medicare/social security plan.

In reality you were given a minor convenience for YOUR FREEDOM!  It is the same concept as a free Google g-mail account.  It is not really free.  Your cost is just a little bit of your privacy and data.  Meanwhile, they can collect more and more data on you by offering other conveniences.

Milton Friedman once said that there is no such thing as a free lunch.  Truer words have never been spoken.

The teachers in Wisconsin are being used.  Originally the unions represented uneducated blue-collar workers who were trapped in menial labor with no ability to improve their lot in life.  That is not the case for these college educated middle class Americans.  Even without the unions they have the freedom and ability to change their circumstance.  If they cannot live on a teachers wage, they are well-educated and can fill a private sector position making a comparable salary.

The unions care less about the teachers than they do about power and promoting a Socialist Agenda.  The NEA has Saul Alinsky‘s book “Rules for Radicals” listed on its website as recommended reading.  Saul Alisnsky is a well-known community organizer who dedicated his book to the first radical Lucifer.

The unions were instrumental in stirring up the riots in Egypt, and across the Middle East.  They are now trying to spread that discontent here in the US.

Now for a little of the history we were not taught in school.

First, I want to applaud the House Republicans for their attempts at de-funding the progressive agenda including Planned ParenthoodMargaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, is often held up as a heroine of human rights.  It would be laughable if she were less sinister of a character.  Margaret Sanger was a Eugenicist who believed that the human race could achieve more if we could just keep the less desirable from breeding.  Her plan was to eliminate the handicapped, mentally ill, and minorities from the human race.  She had spoken at numerous KKK rallies, and eugenics forums.  Progressive elitism shaped Hitler’s thoughts and policies during the Holocaust.

To this day Planned Parenthood provides more abortions for minorities because its system is designed to eliminate them.  They offer minorities a minor convenience for a seemingly minor price.  The really funny thing is you get accused of racism or sexism if you do not support them.  What a world…

If our generations stands up, and makes the hard sacrifices.  We can be like our Grandparents.  We can be the next Greatest Generation.  We can be the ones who save future generations from indentured servitude.  Make no mistake.  It is slavery to force our children to work for our benefit rather than their own.  Do you want to be the generation that took the food from our children’s mouths to feed our own?  That is not the America I know.

Be the one to get up and act.  Don’t sit to wait and see.


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Current Events – PCBS = Scary Truth

The biggest danger to the United States is a leadership that is not capable of, or willing to recognizing the dangers she faces.

The fact is that America has been weakened by the global economic situation.  This situation has been engineered, and is currently being taken advantage of by the enemies of Capitalism and Freedom.

The sharks smell blood in the water.  They are taking the opportunity to kick us when we are down. 

Until we are willing to pick our heads up and say, “Yes, evil exists, they are seeking our destruction, and this is who they are…” we will continue to be our own worst enemy.

Not only does radical Islam exist, but it exists in larger quantities than we are willing to admit.  Some have said that only 10% of Muslims are radicalized or subscribe to radical ideals.  With over 1 billion Muslims (and growing) in the world that only leaves us with 100 million radicals who see the destruction of the US and Israel as their religious duty.  When a religion glorifies death it can become a powerful force for evil.  (A politically correct blog would at this point enter a sentence about how not all Muslims glorify death, but not here)  Islam teaches that it is OK to lie to, cheat, enslave, and kill a non-believer.  (infidel is the favored word)  These are things that are not easy to hear, and not comfortable to say, but we must start the dialog.

Other difficult facts:

1.  Radical Muslims are not our only enemies.

2.  Many of our enemies have joined together to try to bring us down.

3.  Propaganda is being used to keep us from openly discussing their tactics.

4.  Our enemies have systematically targeted our media, our education system, our religion(s), our culture.

5.  Our enemies have used our political and legal system against us.

6.  We are currently being attacked from within.

7.  Disinformation is one tactic used so that we no longer know who to trust.

8.  Some enemies are trying to use class warfare as a tool to sew discontent.

9.  Large international banks are also trying to control us.

10.  They have used slow tactics over the last 100 years to gain critical footholds in our system.

11.  Pointing out the truth is labeled as conspiratorial and paranoid.

12.  A system has been created that allows people to pick the facts they choose to believe.  (If you choose the truth over their “facts” you are crazy, paranoid, conspiratorial, racist, homophobic, or you hate women and/or children)

Interestingly, our enemies usually tell us exactly what they are going to do, but because of PCBS we dismiss it as rhedoric.  They also like to accuse us of what they are doing.


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How to spot Propaganda

It has been interesting to watch how Socialists have been promoting their extreme views to the public.  In order to get a majority of the people to support them they have to re-package and re-define.  Here are some keywords that leftists use to package an agenda to the public while simultaneously communicating to fellow leftists:

Social Justice, Environmental Justice, Democracy, People, The Worker, New World Order, Globalism, Global Governance, and State Capitalism

People are generally good.  We try to make the world a better place.  We try to be equitable and fair in our transactions.  The Socialists and their allies prey on this. 

On its face social justice sounds pretty good, and in some cases it is good, but the extreme left has hijacked the term.  It has become a device to promote class warfare and re-distribution of wealth.  Environmental and racial justice are much the same.

Democracy is another term that has undergone much transformation.  For a long period of time the term was misused.  Democracy was synonymous with America and her values.  Our founders knew that democracy is not a system that can support any sizable population.  It folds under the pressure of mobs.  That is why we formed a Republic.  The people vote in representatives as their voice in Government.  A nation of our size cannot call on every citizen to participate in full-time governance.  Democracy is the direct power of the people, and the socialists hide behind the word.  Many Socialist organizations have a derivative of the word in their name.  Democratic Socialists of America, Workers Democratic Network, Democratic Socialists Party, etc…

The Worker is another keyword to be mindful of.  The Socialists playbook is rife with class warfare, and idolizing the worker is one very effective means to achieve this goal.  In America we have always been a nation of individuals.  Our identities are tied to our jobs, but we work to secure our individual hobbies and lifestyles.  Be very careful of groups that seek to lump all workers together.  Pride in your work can be used as a tool just as strong as nationalism.  Unions have a time and place, but like all things, you can have too much of a good thing.  Unions have tied into the worker message very well.  Although unions often appear to look out for the little guy, they can inflate a bloated system that is no longer able to support itself.  in the end destroying those they claimed to protect.  A generation or two might reap the benefits of a bloated retirement plan, but in the end it falls on the backs of our children.  It then becomes generational theft.

We cannot forget that words have MEANING.  Take people at their word.  If someone says something, hold them to it. 


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Support the Fair Tax

I wanted to share some good information that was given to me by Brian Prasifka of

“The FairTax is a 23 percent, inclusive, national, retail (not assessed on used goods) consumption tax charged on all new goods and services (with the exception of education- which it considers an investment). Savings and investment are not taxed- only consumption. Every household in America would get a “pre-bate” check at the beginning of each month based on the estimated cost under the FairTax of basic necessities only. Thus, the argument that a flat tax or a VAT is punitive for lower-income households is eliminated under the FairTax.

It is estimated that the average retail cost of a product in the US currently includes 22 percent in imbedded taxes that are passed through to the consumer. Since the FairTax replaces corporate income taxes, in a competitive marketplace the cost before the FairTax is assessed would reduce as much as 22 percent. The FairTax also eliminates personal income taxes, payroll taxes, estate taxes, and capital gains taxes. If someone makes $60,000 per year, there would be no income or payroll tax withholding and their check would immediately increase to their “pre-tax” income of $5,000 per month. (Think anyone will be complaining about losing their mortgage-interest deduction after that?)

Also, the 23 percent figure is considered revenue-neutral to Uncle Sam when compared with revenues generated under our current system because it broadens the tax base. There are trillions of US dollars floating around outside the US that would likely be repatriated. Furthermore, under-the-table cash payments to illegal aliens, underground economies such as illicit drugs, and even dollars spent in the US by foreign tourists, are all added to the tax base once the economy shifts to a consumption tax.

The clamor from conservative voters calling for spending cuts is all well-and-good, but, as you know, between defense, entitlements, and interest on the debt, three-quarters of our budget is already “baked-into-the-cake” going forward. Four or five more years of slow growth, high unemployment and underemployment, and structural deficits is going to be a tough pill for a lot of Americans to swallow, as are the kind of serious cuts to entitlements that will be required in such an economic environment. Even the most aggressive across-the-board cuts such as those proposed by Representative Cantor ($2.4 trillion over the next ten years if ALL of his recommendations are enacted-which you and I know WON’T happen) will be a drop in the bucket as more of the baby-boomers retire and our Social Security/Medicare obligations continue to grow.

You’ve probably heard the statistic that, regardless of what marginal tax rates are, tax revenues to the federal government have consistently come in around 18 percent of GDP year-after-year for the last forty years or so. A solution that broadens the tax base and grows GDP, makes us more competitive globally than we are today (with the second-highest corporate income tax rate in the world), mitigates the outsourcing of jobs overseas (probably-even reverses it and brings more jobs from foreign-based companies to boot), and increases private-sector investment and jobs is what’s called for.

Best of all, it restrains the ability of elected officials to manipulate/amend the tax code to pick winners and losers as they see fit!”


There are several books on the FairTax- you can take a look at Ken Hoagland’s The FairTax Solution. Also, Neil Boortz and Georgia Representative John Linder have written two books. Believe it or not, the Wikipedia page on the Fair Tax is very even-handed, informative, and well-researched.

Eric Bolling of Fox Business is a big supporter of the FairTax. Mike Huckabee won Iowa in 2008 largely due to his support for the FairTax, which is very popular there. You can go to www.fairtax.orgto get more information and sign up for their weekly newsletter.

It would be a powerful issue for the GOP in particular to one-up the President’s call for tax reform with a real proposal for reform that eliminates the IRS and replaces the current tax code with one that is transparent, fair, easy to administer, and makes us more competitive in a global economy.

I’d like to discuss how we can share resources with the Tea Party here in Fort Worth to get the word out. Kay Granger is a co-sponsor, but we need her to actually push it, not just put her name on it.


Thanks Brian for the information.  I strongly urge everyone to look into this and see if this is something you can support.  The largest department of our Federal Government is the IRS.  I say let’s all get together to take back April 15th and make it just another day!


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